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ProstokvashinoAnd I say  drink!
There is no escape from your milk,
its in all buckets and basins
even in the wash-stand  again milk
Its nothing, just wait
till Ill get another cow.
And how we can wash?
No problem!
And you dont get dirty. And actually,
some wash up with the tongue.
 Yes, and some it mice.
And if your cow were smarter,
It would give not milk but  fizz!
Pepsi, for example, or, say,  kvass.
- And should I have you smarter,
youd got down to business long ago.
- And I will, Ill go hunting.
-And don't you have pity for animals to shoot?
I do
But what if I got an instinct rising,
and calling me widely to the forest??
And animals, but the way,
they exist just to be hunted!.
Ill soon be back,
Ill shoot something delicious..
I wish Fyodor Man could see me!
Move on, you, wretch of a spaniel!
- So, what letter is this?
- And this one?
- Now, karr-out this letter.
- Kar-r-r!
- And what about this?
 Thatll do, I am fed up!!
My life is absolutely cheerless,
I live like a serf.
- Why?!
I have 4 party silk dresses,
but have nowhere to wear them!.
 Done! Right tomorrow
we leave for a resort!
What for do we need a resort.
We have a great house in Prostokvashino.
Just give it a though
(knocks at his head)
- Whos there? Whos come.
-No ones come.
Its our daddys gone crazy,
he doesn't allow us going to resort.
- Neither I want a resort,
I want to go to Prostokvashino!!
- And what am I going to do
in your Prostokvashino??
Chop firewood in party dress?
Or charm bulls??
No more, Ive been working for you
for the whole year with the pan!
And now I want to a resort! To have rest!
(radio): Attention!
The train Moscow-Sochi
leaves from the 10th track.
Suburban train to Prostokvashino
 from the 5th..."
- Look! And where is our boy,
where is Fyodor Man??
Mommy, Mommy, dont worry about me!!
I will be all right
with Matroskin and Sharik!
- I grew you up, didnt sleep at nights...
And you...
and you In the suburban train.
He goes right. Hell be better in the village.
He has no party dresses, does he..
- Get in, hunter, Ill give you a lift.
- Thank you, dear Pechkin..
- Well, hunter, are you good shooter?
- Sure!.
- And if I throw up my hat, will you hit it?
- Well, through it up,
nothing but holes will remain..
- So! It turns out not hunting,
but fishing..
- Hey, silly, drop your gun
and go up at once!!
- I wish I could,
but Matroskin will eat out my guts!
The gun, it costs money,
while my life does't!.
Thats it. Take me for drown.
Whos there?
- Its me,  postman Pechkin,
Ive brought an article about your boy.
- We dont need an article about a boy,
anyway we have no boy.
- Our boy lives in the city...
 Whos there??
 Karr, karr, its me.
 At last,
my dear Fyodor Man has come!
Now well get twice as much hay
in stock for our cow. !
- Well, drop this hay.
And where is Sharik?
- Over there, hes getting back
from hunting, a hunter he is.
I guess, carries his take.
- Ugh...
Ive got nothing else to do
but fishing dogs out of the river.
- But I didnt ask to fish me out!
Maybe, I wasnt drowning at all?
I might be doing some underwater sport?
Thank you for our Sharik.
- Hard job is that Sharik of ours.
A hunter he is..
No profit from you, just expenses.
- What shall we do with him.
He cant do without hunting, hell pine out.
Pine out.
- Maybe, well make him a draught dog?
Well buy him a cart,
hell take us with milk to the market..
We could earth up garden with him.
Sharik, do you want us
make you a draught dog?
- Whatever you like, even stuffed dog.
My life has no sense for me..
- No, Ive got it! Ill write a letter
to mom and dad.
asking for camera gun for Sharik.
It will be hunting without killing animals .
- Darling, lets quit this resort of yours
and go to Prostokvashino?
Be patient, two party dresses I wore,
two more

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