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Translated & Synchronised:
Katerina (Special_K)
So... What do the weather forecasters
promise us for tomorrow ...
So, the weather guys promise us just
20 degrees. However, above 0.
Cloudiness variable,
warm wind from north-west.
Well, for somebody it's going to be bright, for others not,
weather in St.Petersburg changes with cosmic speed.
And the mood changes as well.
So to stabilize the emotions,
breathe deeply and remain with us.
By the way, this is an awesome place, stay here and
don't leave anywhere.
So... let's get acquainted, I am Masha Yemelyanova
and you are listening to radio  'Piter FM '.
-I need something special.
-Maybe something from owr new collection, Singapour, Italy, France.
Aha... Singapour...
-Nice, isn't it?
-Very competent choice.
- Do you like it?
- This is definitely the best choice!
- No?
-Tell me, why are all your mannequins bald?
-What, you don't know? It's a new style.
Yes, this is now the biggest fashion trend.
So called  'Cabrio Style".
-I understand.
-Bald people cause greater sympathy and...
Careful, careful!
-The house is looking good?
-I think it's small.
-The house is solved?
-First class.
Which beer?
Yes, yes.
No, I'm alone.
Yes... what a mess.
Colour, voice, taste... interesting lady,
Masha Yemelyanova, Masha Yemelyanova .
Everyday yours Yemelyanova Masha .
'Piter FM' on the air .
And we continue our concert.
Feodor and Victor congratulate their
friend Maxim Vasilyev, with the winning
in international competition of young architects.
Maxim is the be best of the best.
And attention, attention,
He is leaving for Berlin to build houses!
-Max, you've heard?
-But this is the official version, and I think that
Mr. Vasilyev is going there to drink beer.
-Don't forget, Maxim, the tummy grows fast with beer makes.
-Now, a song for you.
Do you know any German girls?
Certainly, Clara Tsetkin
and Rose Luxembourg.
-Sings nice, huh?
-I can sing like that as well.
A ...
A ...
-Hi, Mashencia.
-Is that your soul singing?
-What's that?
Is that our format?
Yes, we change orientation.
Mashka, I just don't get it, why are you looking for troubles?
-Let them listen to their Kirkorov, if they like it.
-But I don't.
Oh, Mashka!
And why are you late?
-This wedding...
-Listen, Lerych...
can you replace me just for one hour?
-We have to buy rings with Kostia...
-I'm dying!.
-Just one hour, please
-All right, but ONLY one hour.
I promise.
It is cool now in Berlin.
It's always cool in Berlin.
-Are you gonna be ready by Monday? Visa, invitation?
-Everything's under the control.
Why do you wanna go? How about I go instead?
-Don't be jealous too much, man.
-Who is jealous?
He doesn't speak a word of German!
Say: 'Gastarbeiter'.
-Come on, say:'Gastarbeiter'.
-No, better - 'ayshtutsen of neobal'.
Listen, you will leave your penthouse to me?
-And you will work as street cleaner?
-And Marina, does she know already?
-And when are you gonna have your farewell party?
-Yes, by the way.
-No, I'm serious.
-Then the day after tomorrow.
What can I eat to lose weight?
-Attention! Mortal trick!
I recognize the handwriting of the Master.
-It is safe?
-I do not know, but Kostyk likes it.
Have you already fed the turtle?
-Oh, I forgot.
Hey baby, have a snack.
Come on ...
-Come on, you will eat, and I will watch.
Allo, allo, Masha?
I love you.
I love you too.
But who are you?
I am Sanyk.
I'm listening to your voice every day.
-You are so...
-So what?
You are simply crazy...
And your program is super.
Tell me, honey, how do you look like?
Colour of your eyes, size...
Oh, Sanyk thanks you for being so straight.
Talk to you some other time!
Who was that?
-Fans don't leave in peace?
-Hey, Radio Queen!
Masha, Masha, come here.
-You see,

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