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Антикиллер 2: Антитеррор

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Ok, let's check it one more time.
Are there only the general and his son in the bunker?
By our information, yes.
- Okay.
I got it.
- We need the general by all means, no matter how.
Are you sure your plan will work?
Master, will we get through the roof ok?
And this you should distribute between the groups. How much for each group  is your decision.
This is for Damaskus.
For the weapons. Here is the account-number.
And here is half a million for the completed operations in Semyonovsk.
You were to prepare an operation in Russia, weren't you?
My people in the south are ready, we are waiting for your command and the money.
Ok, and remember - I am expected to act - the louder, the better.
This will be heard in all of Russia - they'll get deaf!
Salman, sonny, show us the tape with the priests.
I want to see it with my own eyes before paying.
All's clear, let's start Operation Hen House.
I said, turn it off!
Those butchers...
It's their fault that we are called beasts.
I ordered to terminate them - that's all.
And they made a slaughter out of it.
Let's do it like this.
Destroy the tape and never work with them again.
Take him.
Fox, are you alive?
Damn, brother, come to yourself! - Where is the father?
I will find you...Pigs.
Faster, you turtles!
We did it.
My congratulations.
Thank you.
Oh, you Badger!
- Ok, fine. Here... i have a watch for you...
...a real commander watch. Who has a watch like this will always be ... the commander of the family.
Here, take it. - Thank you.
By the way, how are things in Zelenogorsk?
Fine as always. There was a truck with drugs - had to shoot around a bit.
Really? Is everybody ok?
Whoever is late...
- Come on, drink it up!
Bottoms up!
- bitter!
Here, take it - this is for you.
Cool! Can I borrow it?
- This is practically impossible.
This is a special weapon, it obeys only its owner.
It recognizes the master by his hand.
A new generation of smart weapons.
- Thanks, Alexei Ivanovich.
You know, the department is considering your constant complaints.
What complaints? I haven't complained about anything.
About your service car.
So, you can give your old junk to somebody in the team.
And you will be driving a new Audi.
Do you know what acceleration it's got? In 7 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h!
Well, thank you.
We have to drink to this. - Sure.
Here are the newlyweds.
Patrio muerte.
My congratulations.
- Thank you.
I have something for you -especially for you.
Now I am going to type my reports on it.
- You and  your department are lagging behind!
This is for making money. There is this web-site.
Alfa Direct. I have bought for you several shares as a wedding gift.
The rest is your business - I'll show you!
Be careful, you'll drop it!
- Don't worry, it's armoured.
Banker - in one word.
- Banker, ban-ker - two words! All the best and excuse us.
- It's ok, thank you.
Hi, congratulations!
- Thank you.
This is for you, a wedding gift.
A very good thing, with a photocamera.
I have even connected your numbers.
You have 3 and you - 2.
I hope it'll be useful.
Wow, it's cool.
Let's go drink to it.
- He doesn't drink. Doesn't know how.
The dress...Is it from France?- No, from here.
I'll show you the place after.
To the health of the newly-married!
All is under control...
Hey, Commander!
What's wrong?- I am a bit tired.
Hold on, darling. Only a little more.
I love you.
I'm sorry, there is somebody waiting for you in the pavilion.
Are we compromising your reputation?
- Yes, you are.
Thank you.
May you live happily!
I've baked it myself.
-No way!
Is this a bribe?
This is for luck.
Let's go.
My congrats.
How are you? - The best day in my life.
Want an injection?
- A cup ot tea, better.
So, what's in Cuba?
- As usual. Sunny and hot.
Shall I undress you? -  Thank you.
I don't want to promise you anything. A married man i doesn't differ much from a single one.
Well, I
Антикиллер 2: Антитеррор

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