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That's good.
Jenny's gonna come any second!
Hey, how you doing?
Yeah, I was gonna spend the night
alone with Jenny tonight.
Pussy whipped!
All right, maybe one beer.
That's it.
The party's on!
You know, hey, I cleaned earlier.
Yeah, thank you.
Some of the guys dropped by.
Hug me?
Will you?
Party's over.
What's the matter, no-dick?
Jen throw you out?
Yeah, well, tell her I'm available,
- Why don't you go home, Jory.
- You wanna make me?
Hey, God...
Goddamn shit!
Come on, Jenny, open up.
Come on, Jen, my dad's coming.
Look, at least let me get my stuff.
- You're kept.
- I'm what?
You cleaned?
Look, Jenny, I know it's
hard to explain, but-
Seems simple. It's our last night
before break.
You'd rather be barfing
with your beer buddies.
- I get the hint, Randy.
- No, I wasn't- Okay, you're pissed?
No, I'm not. I am not.
You know, I should thank you.
You finally made it very clear to me
where I stand.
I don't want to break up with you.
Look, I got you a present.
I know the wrapping's a little primitive,
but it's nice. Go ahead, open it.
I'll open it, I'll help.
Okay. There.
What do you think?
- A football jersey?
- Yeah. Looks great, doesn't it?
Jenny, I wanted to be
with you last night.
The guys, they just pushed
their way in, and-
Then why didn't you stand up
for yourself?
And why don't you ever
stand up for me?
- Well, I do.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Like you do with your parents?
- What?
- You hide me from your parents.
You told them
your roommate's name was Vic.
- Randy, you did.
- Jenny, look.
My dad's gonna be pissed
with my grades.
It's not good to tell him
I'm living with a girl.
So I'm just supposed to be
your secret little boy-toy?
You're not my boy-toy.
I'm gonna tell them.
- When?
- As soon as I see them.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Son, sorry I'm late, but the traffic
was hell out there.
You ready to go?
It's good to...
- Dad. Dad!
- ...see you.
Good to see you. You look great.
How you been?
Oh, excuse me. I'm Randy's dad.
Nice to meet you.
So? What's going on?
- So where's Vic?
- Vic...
- Your roommate-
- You missed him.
His dad was here.
No, you missed him.
- Nice meeting you.
- I'll call you, Jenny.
Well, hey. Okay.
- Yeah.
- Who was that?
What? Oh, she's my bio tutor.
She thought she left a book here.
- Maybe I better give you a hand.
- No, no, that's not- Okay, yeah.
Your mom would've come,
but she had a final today.
Final? Final for what?
She's taking a
landscape-architecture class.
- She's doing real well too.
- That's good, Dad.
Hey, you got a problem?
No, bad latch, Dad.
Bad latch.
- So how'd you do?
- Do?
- Grades, son. How were the grades?
- Oh, well, Dad. That's kind of a...
...subjective thing.
Subjective, huh?
F in geometry. Now, what the hell's
so subjective about that?
See, everybody flunks that
the first time, Dad.
And this D here,
what's that for?
That teacher hates my guts, Dad.
And these "Incs"?
What are these "Incs"?
"Incomplete." It's cool.
I can make it up.
Look, Dad, I tried to study.
I really did, but things came up.
I'm sorry about school.
I won't do it again.
Damn right, you won't.
I'm not sending you back.
And no more free ride!
Joe, we agreed for him to have
opportunities we never had.
The first Bodek to graduate
from college.
People who look like that
don't graduate.
I don't think I'm out of line. He's
been in school, what, two years?
He does not have a clue
what he's doing there!
- He can't declare a, what's it called?
- Major.
Major, right. I'll be damned...
...if I'll keep throwing good money after
bad money while he's looking like this.
Oh, that's great!
- Don't think this changes a thing!
- Don't send me back.
Well, I mean, look.
I mean, you're right.
I don't know what I'm doing in school.
So I don't go back.
Well, I'll start my real life.
How bad could it be?
Yeah, what kind of cheese


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