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PYGMALION Production
Does not look like a woman.
In association with KVID Film Company
A woman! Look hands, tits
But one is missing.
A cripple?
Sponsored by the Federal Agency
for Culture and Cinematography
- And the bulb?
- What's with it?
A hermaphrodite.
Pakhomov, take this out
and disinfect it...
Bye, rogues.
Kir - Andrei Chadov
Igor - Vladimir Epifantsev
Nikich - Maxim Lagashkin
Priest - Alexei Chadov
Slava - Alexander Robakh
Major - Andrei Rapoport
Guys, there are 40 young men.
Lieutenant - Vadim Burmistrov
- Cant descend. We're under fire.
- We are surrounded! Need help!
Sound editor -
Andrei Khudyakov
- I'm fed up, lads.
- Kir got up on the wrong leg.
Production Designers
Eduard Galkin, Sergei Tyrin
For the state and oil reserves.
... a poor smuggler sleeps
with his throat slashed.
Director of Photography
Pavel Ignatov
a defiant Caucasian stands
with a gloomy look
and on TV we see a faggot-host.
Music by Alexei Zubarev
Screenplay - Igor Porublev
Co-writer Alexander Veledinsky
Produced by Sergei Chliyants
Well, lads, the third one.
To them.
Directed by Alexander Veledinsky
We are celebrating a government
award, Clechka.
You, green mould,
will be discharged tomorrow.
These alkies go back to the unit.
You got 5 minutes to clean up!
They say Clya fucks like a bee.
Pakhom, you're fucking annoying me.
Me? Fucked you?
Didn't even touch you.
Step back.
- Let's go.
- I can manage
You're okay?
How are you doing, mom?
I'm home, but not in one piece.
Here is my leg
to hang on the wall for all to see...
Gimme a cigarette.
You're the last?
It's useless.
10,000 rubles.
Without this, you get it right now.
And with it?
You'll have to wait.
How long?
Until the next money transfer.
So you're 10,000 short?
There's no money at all.
Okay, I'm not greedy.
I got a letter
from Lieutenant Morozov.
Morozov? Oh, the scout!
- For his wife?
- Will you pass it on?
- No. You do it.
- I don't know her at all.
They'll show you.
You see, I've got heaps of them.
Besides, he's our officer.
You give it to her.
Some people are lucky.
Already on the third today?
Don't worry, it's alcohol-free
and Monday I quit smoking. Demob?
Sort of. How much is this saber?
- You don't have enough money.
- I do.
Lena, pass me the saber.
- Cant you do it yourself?
- Out the crap!
See what I have here.
Snipers 'White Tights'.
You hit the bull's eye
with your eyes shut.
Look at it.
But it's blunt.
You want it for slaughtering?
No, a gift for a friend.
Hey, sniper, go and see
what's keeping Petrovna so long.
Is that it?
The moon rises, takes a knife,
I'll be slashing right and left,
Now it's your turn in the game.
Shoot, what are you doing here?
Is it drinkable?
Why don't you go home?
I'll go today.
Take some, major.
Oh! Did you hit the jackpot?
Well, I bought some presents.
It's dangerous to go around
with this lot of money
where was our lieutenant buried?
Somewhere around here.
Ask his wife.
You cleaned up 10 grand on him, too?
Look, man, did you join the army
to make money?
A guy came to ask, just like you:
How much for my contusion?
Fucking warriors...
You better thank your platoon
commander for saving your life.
- Don't be such a miser
- I don't give a fuck.
Take it.
Get lost.
Maybe you want rehabilitation?
There's a special center...
- How much?
- About 200 dollars.
Boiko V.T.
Make up your mind and call me.
It's not a problem
if you have dough and talent
Hey, man, what is it? Man!
Mind your hands!
Hey, Spotty, are you crazy?
Let's go?
Well, you did that creep in.
Now what?
Why cast dough in my teeth?
I didn't fight for dough.
Oh yeah, you're a hero.
Nikich and myself wanted
to make some money.
I didn't.
Fighting for money, we died,
Fighting for an idea - he's alive.


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