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It's moving.
Right on schedule.
How many more androids are left?
Hey, it's looking for the next target.
Target Search: Confirmed
Android D Destroyed
Target: Android E
Something's wrong with...
...the High Speed Maneuvering System.
Don't worry about it.
Android C Locked On
This robot's features are incredible...
...there is no need to install that unit.
No, currently solo activity is imperfect.
I need approval from the Council...
...to have an investigator...
...simulate a combat with it.
Is there an investigator who can do it?
There's an investigator working...
...on a nearby planet.
Registration Number 9799-5
Investigator: Iria
Currently on a mission to secure
Kamanite stolen by Kamatch Family.
Zeiram Unit Attachment: Complete
First Mission: Assist Investigator Iria
That's wrong.
That's the play button.
I know.
If you keep bugging me, I won't buy it.
You're not gonna use it
without reading the manual again...
...and bring it back in a few days,
claiming it's broken or defective, are you?
Don't be silly.
You learn these
things by experimenting.
That's odd, it turned off.
Oh, excuse me, I'm
looking for this street.
Do you know how to get there?
What's her problem?
Anyway, could you make up your mind?
Well, they all look the same to me...
I guess that one.
This one, right?
Hey, Kamiya.
Oh, it's you, Teppei.
Can you make it 30
minutes earlier tomorrow?
The schedule changed a bit.
Sorry, I can't make it tomorrow.
You told me you'd be
happy to come to my wedding!
I will show up for the second party.
Can I do that instead?
Kamiya, are you listening to me?
Very, very nice legs...
Oh yeah, Teppei...
Do you know Akemi's shoe size?
What are you talking about?
Last time we were all
together, we were talking about feet.
Do you remember what she said?
I don't know!
Everyone's here.
Shall we go?
Now, please show him the Kamarite.
All right, show me the money.
What is the meaning of this?
If you use this here,
you will be 'saved' forever.
Kill her!
Bob, can you hear me?
I've secured the
Kamarite, you can retrieve us now.
Okay, I understand.
Are you sure I can
borrow this for tomorrow?
What is Mister Kamiya thinking,
skipping your wedding like this?
You do agree with me.
I know he is a colleague at work
and I've known him for a long time...
...but this time he really pissed me off!
Now now, don't be so mad...
That's not good, Mister Teppei.
What did you do?
It's a sign of misfortune,
something bad may happen to you.
I, Taguchi will purify you right away.
Wait a moment, I'll get ready.
Now, I'm supposed to say ''I'm home'' !
Fujikuro, you're getting
better with the local dialect.
Yeah, I like it.
Welcome back, Iria.
We have been using this
world as our base for three years.
I wonder how those two are?
Those two? Who are they?
Partners who are
more reliable than you are.
As soon as we finish,
why don't we see them again?
Hey, let me see it.
Bob, I'm inputting
the restoration codes.
I didn't realize these things
were once used as transpoters.
Yes, this is one of the
ancient transportation devices.
It's one of the seven remaining.
Well, is it real?
Yes, it is real.
And it's in good condition,
you could probably even use it.
Don't be wasteful!
If you sell it on the black market, you
won't have to work for the rest of your life.
Do you want to become a fugitive too?
Iria, there is one thing to report.
What is it?
It's about the backup personnel...
Apparently, a problem
occurred during transportation.
It looks like the arrival time
and location were scrambled...
What do you mean, Bob?
Are you saying I should go get it?
There's no other way, it's a robot.
It's been damaged, I
can't reprogram it remotely.
Unlike us, it isn't adaptable.
The case is closed,
why not just leave it?
We cannot, because


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