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Who stars in the film?
Jean marais
why not see it with me?
Not today
come on. Why not?
You go alone
there's non-chan!
I wonder where he's going
walking like that
he's always that way-nonchalant
turn right at the px
why not drop in at aya's?
How about this bill?
Pay it
and... mrs. Satake is here
miss setsuko too
i'll take this
how are you, setsuko?
What did you do
after we ate together?
That day? I took a walk with setsuko
we saw kabuki, too
was it interesting?
Yes. We sat in the balcony
the actors looked this small
just like look down to the well
but i enjoyed it
that's nice
have you been there?
Pinball hall?
Played it?
try. It's fun
but it's fun
let's go
no. Don't do that!
Spooky aunt!
Everything's fun to her
the best time of life
Married life isn't easy
why not?
Your husband would be harsh
you'd have no time to play
Yes, he'd be too nosy
not really?
Want some coffee?
No, thanks
i must go, aunty
please do
going somewhere?
Where to?
A movie
jean marais?
Is he your type?
What part of his face do you like best?
Upper or lower?
I'm going. Bye
drop in again later
do so
nice day
yes. I want to go out
where to?
Some spa
It's the best season
shall we go?
You can't?
I don't mean that
your man?
Got it?
A reason
an alumni reunion
i used it already
setsuko gets sick
she goes on an excursion and gets sick
no. It won't work
it will. I'll explain to him
when she drops in
what about her?
She stays here while we're away
i see. Clever woman!
Thank you
i'll tell my husband
what spa? Hakone?
it's the best
hello? Toa trading?
May i speak to satake?
Thank you
which train?
We'll be in time for the 4:15
is that so?
It's not necessary
thank you
what's the story?
He wasn't there
he went out with a guest
i wonder where
not very long
all through?
Beer, please
the exam?
Finance theory
very likely. Did you pass?
I guess. Know what cps stands for?
Consumer price survey. Right?
You know well
you didn't know?
Will you pass?
let's drink to it
will i pass?
Don't ask me
i will, huh?
You aren't trying at my company
how indifferent!
Tell your mom, if you pass
how old is she?
she that old? Time flies
i played with you elder brother
she got old fast after he died
is that so?
Nice suit
just secondhand
no crabs in it?
Of course not!
Know the proper name?
Nut bugs?
some kind of bug
i won't have to back you up anymore
no. I'll enter the company
i'm glad
the best time of life
it's may, and we're young!
Mr. Satake's back
welcome home
you're late. Had a guest?
I phoned
what did you want?
Are you hungry?
No, i've eaten
when i cooked for you
what did you eat?
Nothing much
non-chan came to see me
how about a bath?
I'll wait until you take it
why not go first?
Listen... listen...
today... i went to aya's shop
then... you know?
Know what?
Setsuko's at a spa
i didn't know
i didn't, either
did someone phone to me?
I don't think so
setsuko was at an alumni reunion
she got a bellyache
she's suffering. It hurts
what hurts?
Her stomach
not appendicitis?
Appendicitis? Will she be all right?
Appendicitis isn't much
still, i'm worried
can we leave her alone?
She's helpless, i think
she likes me and misses me. Poor girl!
I know. Go and see her
may i?
What about the house?
Never mind. Go now
i'll go tomorrow
yes, i'll go tomorrow
she'll be glad
miss setsuko is here
good evening
why, setsuko!
Will you put me up?
Why are you here? I'm glad
we worried about you
weren't you at spa?
Your stomach all right?
Is it better? Did it hurt badly?
We worried about you. It shocked us
who are you talking about?
You, who else?
Strange! Then who was sick?
What are you saying?
We met a while ago
you're stupid
Stupid to come
Didn't you drop in at aya's?
Stupid girl!


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