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There was a time when the fearsome,
beautiful land of Alagasia...
...was ruled by men astride mighty dragons.
To protect and serve was their mission.
And for thousands of years,
the people prospered.
But the riders grew arrogant...
...and began to fight among themselves
for power.
Sensing their weakness...
...a young rider named Galbatorix
betrayed them...
...and in a single bloody battle,
believed he had killed them all...
...riders and dragons alike.
Since then, our land
has been ruled by Galbatorix.
He crushed all rebellion...
...including the freedom fighters
known as the Varden.
Those that survived fled to the mountains.
There they hoped for a miracle...
...that might even their odds
against the king.
Our story begins one night...
...as Arya, an ally of the Varden,
rides for her life...
...carrying a stone
stolen from the king himself.
I suffer without my stone.
Do not prolong my suffering.
Miles away,
a young boy ventures out hunting.
His life and AlagaEia...
...will never be the same again.
- Give it to me...
- Durza.
...and I'll let you live.
Is there anyone
who trusts the word of a Shade?
Where did you send it?
Poor Durza.
How will you tell the king you failed?
Come with me.
Two more patriotic volunteers
for the king's army.
My sons are not fighters.
The men you take, they never return.
Every village must do its share.
Rejoice. Your sons will be heroes.
Expensive taste, Eragon.
The king's strip. The best cut there is.
The fat just melts into the meat.
How much?
How much?
Too much for a poor farm boy.
I have something. Something to trade.
What is this? Some kind of stone?
- I found it.
- Stole it, more likely.
I was hunting.
Hunting in the Spine.
Put it back. It belongs to the king.
Tell no one you have it.
You'll endanger the whole village.
Now get out.
I don't need that sort of trouble here.
Get out.
Look at this. A necklace.
Now, where'd a fool like you
find such an appetizing string of jewels?
- Interesting you should ask.
- Is that right?
I was walking up the lane the other day,
admiring them sitting on a branch.
Clap of thunder,
they fell dead at me feet.
So I thought,
"Well, I can't leave them there.
Someone might trip."
- So I hung them up there, out of the way.
- Do you know what I think?
- What's that?
- I think you're a thief.
- A poacher.
- Oh, no.
I confiscate them all
in the name of the king.
Don't try anything.
Well, I'll just cut them down
for you then, shall I?
- Grab those.
- Sorry I didn't pluck them.
Take care of the little bones.
Hate to see you choke.
All hail Eragon.
The mighty hunter returns.
Yeah. With his invisible catch.
What happened, did you get scared
when the deer growled?
No respect for the hunter?
Don't you ever learn?
Shall we have another lesson today?
You fight like an old goat, Roran.
Mind my breakfast.
- You're too slow, Roran.
- Wake up, dreamer.
That sounded like your head.
Hey. Come on, boys. That's enough.
Come on, Roran.
I'm leaving.
I'm old enough to be recruited now.
Before the soldiers come looking for me.
I won't serve in the army.
I'll send word when I've settled.
- But what--?
- He knows.
I already told him.
Where will you go?
I don't know yet.
All I know is I'm going.
Roran? Eragon?
Come on.
Roran told you then?
Your day will come too, Eragon.
And you will decide for yourself
the kind of life you wish to lead.
Uncle, I like my life right here.
What many men seek
is often right under their nose.
But for some,
the unknown is too hard to resist.
Is that why my mother left?
My sister was in a great hurry
when she left you here.
Whatever her reasons, we can only trust
they were for your own good.

- Franz+

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