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I know you're here.
I remember.
Yo u s aid:
''See you out on the bog, EIina. ''
So, now I'm here.
Bew are of the edge, don't step aside
Keep moving, don't run...
This is o ur bo g, Daddy.
It's y o urs and mine.
Mommy's w orrie d.
S he think s I don't know
how to make my w ay here.
Script KjeII SundStedt
EIina, thiS pIace iS dangerouS,
y ou couId dro wn.
- Daddy taught me ho w to waIk here.
- ThiS iS not a pIay ground.
Didn't y our daddy teII y ou that?
Director KIauS Hr
Northern Sweden 195 2
Tak e a deep breath.
No w Iet it out.
And cough...
One more time.
Go get dreSSed.
She SeemS to be better.
I can't detect
a trace o f conSumption.
But She needS to be care fuI
or She might have a reIapSe.
And y our famiIy haS been through
enough hardShip aIready.
ISak couId be So headStrong...
He wouIdn't IiSten to me,
he wore himSeIf out in the woodS.
WeII, I gueSS he had no choice...
WouId it be aII right
for EIina to go back to SchooI?
Do y ou want to have
cIaSSmateS, Iearn thingS...
- ...and have hot SchooI IuncheS?
- Sure!
Then EIina wiII end up in my cIaSS.
- Who'S y our teacher?
- Tora HoIm.
The head teacher...
May I go back to SchooI?
YeS, y ou may.
If I'm happy, then y o u're happy.
I know that.
I'm going to be jus t Iike y o u
and aIw ay s do the right thing...
I promis e, Daddy.
Remember, y ou muSt
Speak SwediSh at SchooI.
- Daddy aIway S Spok e FinniSh.
- EIina!
- I'd Iik e to See MiSS HoIm, pIeaSe.
- One moment...
Ex cuSe me,
but there'S Someone to See y ou.
It'S about my daughter.
- She'S going to be y our pupiI.
- So I've heard...
I e xpect EIina kno wS that She haS
a great deaI o f catching up to do.
The doctor wantS
EIina to be care fuI.
MiSS HoIm, couId y ou...?
She haS more SenSe
than her father, I truSt.
EIina iSn't a troub Iemak er, iS She?
There'S no cauSe for worry. EIina
and I wiII get aIong juSt fine.
Ho w do y ou write
''pIay hiding'' in SwediSh?
PIay hiding - it'S ''kurragmma''.
''Kurra'' - what...?
Anton, what have I toId y ou
about Speaking FinniSh?
No Iunch for y ou today.
- But he had a queStion...
- No FinniSh at SchooI.
But... Anton doeSn't Speak SwediSh.
That'S why he'S here.
You're aII here to Iearn SwediSh.
Ho w can y ou Iearn Something
without aSking queStionS?
He ShouIdn't be aSking y ou anything.
I happen to be the teacher here.
But y ou don't Speak FinniSh,
and I do.
In that caSe
I ShouIdn't have Iunch either.
I think that a girI
that haS been aS iII aS y ou -
- ought to attend to y our o wn work.
You do have a Iot o f catching
up to do, iSn't that So?
WaSn't the Soup taSty?
Or didn't y ou regiSter that Anton
waS doing without Iunch today?
FiniSh y our Soup.
Eat, EIina!
Mom Say S y ou need to eat.
LiSten to y our SiSter.
You'II SimpIy have to Sit here
untiI y ou've eaten up y our food.
Thank y ou.
Have y ou e ver Seen
a car Iik e thiS one be fore?
Don't y ou have a horSe Since
y ou muSt borro w uncIe Veikk o'S?
What waS that? - What did he Say?
He aSk ed if y ou
had horSeS o f y our o wn.
- FinniSh iS aII he Speak S, y ou See.
- IS that So...
Ho w do y ou Say 'hi' in FinniSh?
That waS SimpIe enough.
No w ho w do y ou Say: My name
iS Einar, and I'm the ne w teacher?
Hi, my name iS Einar Bjrk.
WeIcome, Mr Bjrk.
I'm Tora HoIm, the head teacher.
And I try to teach
theSe chiIdren SwediSh.
You're not going any where!
I have to go cIean the SchooI.
The potatoeS need harveSting,
there wiII be froSt any day no w.
- Are y ou Sure y ou can manage?
- O f courSe.
I've got to run.
You ShouId be ab Ie to mak e do
with ruSk S for Supper, right?
EIina... I waS So aShamed o f y ou!
Ho w dare y ou re fuSe
to eat y our pea Soup Iik e that?
Anna wondered
if y ou had IoSt y our mind!
- What if y ou're tak en into care?
- Quit whining and heIp out!
- I won't!
- And Mom

- ..

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