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Волкодав из рода Серых Псов

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MatroskinTranslation and synchronization by Matroskin
In times when Gods lived
among mortal men
And men tried to be equal to Gods
in strength and power...
The baby
is kicking
Who do you want?
A brother or a sister
Run along
May my word be quieter than water,
taller than mountains and heavier than gold
Run away, son, save your mother!
Mother, come
Son, stop!
Don't touch!
Don't touch her!
Get lost
Mother, run away...
Not bad, hmm?
Mother, mommy...
She's all yours.
Little beast.
Don't kill him.
The cob will go to the mines
He'll rot alive.
He's the sword, sire.
It's actually very good.
It's better than mine.
The blacksmith was a true master.
Wolfhound of the tribe of Grey Hounds/b>
What do you say, Torn Wing?
What is it, my lady?
He stole it.
Did you see how he laughed me in the face?
Let's go, my dear girl. It's dangerous.
Fool. He doesn't know its secret.
New slave-girl for the master.
Keep going.
The old lord
was a beast and still is one
Vinitar sent me here in vain.
My master will never get along with his father the Maneater
We leave at dawn.
Who are you?
A slave!
The man with the wolf tattoo on the arm
Who was he?
Who was he?
Don't kill me, master!
Get away.
Save me, please.
Save me.
The master was killed.
Your hand.
Follow me.
Come on.
I'm scared.
Don't be. Jump!
Hold on.
There's a wall.
There's a secret passage over there...
...you need to turn the candle holder.
Let's go.
Let's take him with us.
Faster, it's closing.
Run. Get out on your own.
Priestess of the Light, Mother Kendarat
Help me find the other one.
The world is ruled by love.
The rule of the villain is over.
How did you do it?
The Maneater was undefeatable.
You must have prepared for a long time?
Very long.
I would have loved to do it myself...
How did you know about the secret passage?
I've built this castle.
The Maneater's castle?
He really appreciated it, didn't he?
I was waiting for you to come after him.
You were waiting?
A blind man sometimes sees,
what a normal man can't.
You can see the future?
Can you tell me what's this manuscript is?
It's a key.
A key?
I can't understand it fully...
...but I can feel that we'll find the solution to this mystery...
in Galirad.
What does it open?
This is the key...
...to Heaven Gates.
I knew this could be useful
if the Maneater kept this manuscript safe
We should go to Galirad.
Have you ever been to Galirad, young man?
I have no need there.
May the roads be good to you.
Where are you heading?
There's only one road here - to Galirad.
Could you take with you
an old man and a girl?
We don't need passengers.
This is a dangerous area.
I don't hire guards on the road.
Let's move.
Tell your guards to throw
me off the road
Do it.
Bring the robe of the princess
Stop it. Enough.
Take it... Cover yourself.
Stop confusing my army.
What do I call you, new guard?
Call me Wolfhound.
Poor thing.
If I only had a thread and a needle,
I could've fixed you the wing
You can really do it?
Tell your men to put on their armor.
Mind your own business, stranger.
Find her.
Block the road.
Come on, get under the cart.
Are you all right? Here, take this.
Where's your mistress?
Where is she?
Tell me!
Tell me!
Come here... it's okay.
You brought them on us.
Leave now.
Stop crying.
It's mine.
I got it in the battle.
Let him have it.
You too, get lost.
Should I bring them back??
Hey, stranger!
Come back, it's okay.
Think about your friends.
You can't defend them alone.
Why is he hunting you?
I don't know, master.
Thank gods, we're back.
Here, take it.
Strange, why is it so cold
in the middle of the summer?
Why is it so cold?
"I see a terrible curse on this
Волкодав из рода Серых Псов

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