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- Yes. Hello
- What the hell are you doing? Are you still sleeping?
Where have you disappeared to?
Ive been looking for you for 2 days!
Thats you Bobby. Sorry, it just happened.
Recently it has been happening too often.
Would you like to fall on my knees and
pray for forgiveness?
You know, Evan, thats it. Youre fired.
Wait Bobby, Bobby no no.
You know that Ive never let you down.
Bobby, I need this job. Be nice to me!
Bobby, please be nice to me.
OK, Ill give you one more chance.
Rush to highway 37.
Im on my way. What do I need to do?
There is a tiny town- Castle-Ville.
Try to find it on the map.
Its just a hole, but thats beside the point.
It heads all the records regarding
the number of accidents and weird diseases.
Neither the police nor the doctors can
explain it.
Long story short, I need good material,
and you can do it.
Say, its a bewitched place, there is a lot of
dark forces and so on. Make it mystical.
- Excuse me.
- Never mind.
Hey fellow! I think you are lost.
Only one shot.
Come here.
Im telling you!
Leave him alone!
Look at you! What kinda asshole are you?
Go home, boys.
Go yourself!
- Get the hell out of here!
- Exactly.
Thank you. May I sit?
Sit down please.
Thank you for your help. Im Evan Berghof.
- Dan Touz. Glad to meet you.
- Im glad too.
Marzh, do you have coffee? A glass of beer.
I dont know how it goes with
turn the other cheek, but thank you.
There are various ways to confront
evil in our society.
Thank you.
Everything is good in its season. The time of prayer will come.
But in my opinion your fists
are much more convincing than any prayers.
I understand what you mean.
Lets think you can be strong.
But if you dont have faith you would have to
fight with malignant forces without a weapon.
What about you You think faith is a weapon, dont you.
Not only. The absence of faith results into
Sometimes people face challenges which
cant be overcome without Gods help.
Another thing: you need to remember the most important -
... darkness is always nearby and its servants
can attack you at any minute.
And now its time.
Please forgive me, its time for me
to continue my journey.
Good luck with whatever you do.
- Im going to restore a deserted parish.
- Bye.
Damn it.
Do you listen to the Evening Radio
on 104 FM.
So our guest believes that its the best time
for black magic.
Exactly. Now the moon is entering
into the full phase
... and we know that this Earth satellite
influences not only the rise and fall of the tide
... but also what we usually call
dark forces.
We call it mortuus vivus 
which means living death.
This term covers everything
that belongs to blazes.
If the Sun gives the birth to living things,
then the Moon gives the birth to dead things.
Besides, right now the Earth, Moon and Venus
are lined up.
Such event happens once in 12 years.
The phenomena is called the Axis of Devil.
The most danger threatens travelers.
A person far away from his accustomed environment
becomes vulnerable.
He might become an easy prey for Darkness.
You need to be especially afraid of the water.
It iss subservient to the Moon, it is her environment.
In addition, water is the conductor between
our world and the other world.
Thats why it would be smart to stay away from it.
So if you want to stay alive,
obtain consecrated charms
...and other things, including books
on magic, chiromancy, and clairvoyance
... and exorcism in the stores of Ed Mankuzo.
Well, our time is running out.
Thank you to our guest and a few words about water.
Its still raining outside.
Tomorrow we are expecting a cooling trend,
And the day after tomorrow, snow at night.
Hello maam. Im sorry for the late visit.
Im a journalist.
My car broke.
Would you by any chance have a spare room?
Can I just use the phone to call somebody.
Ill pay for this.
Thank you ma'am!- Yes. Hello
- What the hell

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