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- Bobik, Bobik. Com here.
I said come here!
- Tell me please...
Did you have to get into a fight?
Any argument can be resolved with worlds.
You seen to have it all sorted.
Dad, you have mum...
...and mum, you have daddy.
But i don't have anyone.
No one! not even a dog.
- Excuse me, could I
possibly land here?
- Land let me land here!
Can't you se?! I'm loosing my strenght!
S-s-sit down please.
- So... Let's continue our conversation.
What is your name?
- Mine?
- Yes, yours. Not mine!
- J-J-Junior.
- Hmm... Jun... No! It needs
to be done like this!
What is my name?
Karlson that lives on the roof!
- But you can call me simply...
...just Karlson. So, hello Junior.
- Hello Karlson.
- Very good.
Let's continue our conversation.
How old are you?
- Seven.
- What?! Seven?!
- W-why?
- I throught you were eight.
Why are you looking at me? Why
don't you ask me how old am I?
I'm sorry. How old are you?
- I'm a man in tip-top shape...
...in my prime!
- Really? At what age does this 'prime' come?
- Well, you know...
Let's not talk about this.
- Can I push this?
- Go ahead!
Stop! Do you have any jam?
- Yes.
- Bring it here!
- Can I push it again?
- Go ahed!
- Junior, you won't be bored with me!
- What are you doing?
- I'm just fooling around a bit.
- But it will fall down.
Relax. Take it ea...
It did fall! I swear, it fell down!
Did you see?! Into smithereens!
- Into smithereens! I'm just
wondering what will mum say?
- Mum, mum... Such is life.
I'll give you 10000 chandeliers tomorrow.
Let's fool around a bit more.
- I can imaging how angry my dad will be...
- Dad? What about dad?  Really? I've got to go.
- Relax. Take it easy.
- What has happened here?
- Nothing really. Such is life.
Yes, and he will bring 10000 chandeliers!
- No, my dear brother... You need to
be responsible for your actions.
- And not to blame some
Karlson for your own seeds.
- O! Right, dad!
Let's go to the movies or we'll be late...
So long!
- Mum... listen
- A?
- When my brother grows up...
and marries... and dies...
Would I have to marry
his old wife then?
Why? Why darling?
- I'm wearing his old pyjamas...
skates, ride his bicycle...
...and all of his other old things.
- I promise you that i'll save you from his old wife.
This is good, but...
I really would have liked to have
a dog much more than a wife.
- Relax. Take it easy.
- Karlson...
Hello, Junior!
- It,s so wonderful that you've flown in!
- Of course its wonderful.
- Karlson, but mum strictly told me
not to touch the jam.
You are so awful!
When the sickest man in the world
takes 2 - 3 spoons of jam... o!
Are you sick?
- I have the highest
temperature in the world!
- A!
- Yes, if you like would like to know.
You know what?
You need to become my own mother.
I don't think you are sick.
- Yes, I am.
- No.
- I'm telling you I'm sick!
- No, you're not!
- What a nasty boy you are! Can't
I get sick like everyone else?!
- You want to get sick?!
- Like you don't want to?!
- No.
- Everyone wants to! You just lie there...
Listen, let's fly to my place.
I'll lie down and will ask
me how do I feel myself.
And I'll tell you - "I'm the
sickest man in the world!"
And I don't need,
anything else, except...
...maybe some huge cake...
a mountain of chocolate...
...and maybe a very big
bag of lollies...
Note: "I em at Karlson's
plase, on the roof"
That's it!
- What?
- What. Nothing.
Just flying.
Listen, you've forgotten the jam!
- No, no. I took it.
- Took it?
- Yes.
- Listen, you've left the lollies!
- No, here they are!
- Don't press on my neck! Don't press on my neck.
Welcome my dear friend Karlson...
and you com in to.
You've made my neck numb!
Oh, I forgot! I'm the
sickest man in the world... The sickest...
What are you standing there for?! You
were going to be my own mother.
Come on.
- Do you have any

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