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Там, на неведомых дорожках...

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EndCentral Studio of Children's and
Youth's Films named after M. Gorky
Based upon Eduard Uspensky's tale
"Down Along the Magical River"
Screenplay by
Directed by
Director of Photography
Production Designer
English Subtitles by
T. Kameneva
Baba-Yaga - Tatiana PELTSER
Tsar Makar - Leonid KHARITONOV
Vasilissa the Wisest - T. AKSYUTA
Uncle House-Spirit - A. KUZNETSOV
Koschei the Deathless - A.FILIPPENKO
Scribe Chumichka - Yu. CHERNOV
Gavrila - Yu. MEDVEDEV
Nightingale the Robber - O.ANOFRIYEV
Foreman Millionsky -
What? Got really scared
of the One-Eyed Evil?
Little hut, turn your back
to the wood and your face to me.
That's cool!
Now turn left!
Standing march!
One, two! One, two!
Who's playing tricks here?
Who's doing mischief here?
Just you wait, I'll jump out
and thrash you with my besom!
Excuse me, granny,
aren't you Varvara Yegorovna?
Yes, that's right, I'm Yegorovna.
And who are you?
I'm Mitya.
- What Mitya?
- Just Mitya. Mitya Sidorov.
- And what do I do with you?
- What d'you mean?
If you were Tsarevich Ivan, I would
have given you tea and put you to bed.
If you were Ivashka the Fool,
I would've cooked you in a cauldron.
And what should I do with you,
Mitya, and Sidorov to boot?
You don't have to cook me.
I've brought you presents
from Glafira Andreyevna.
And by what right do you
bring me presents from Glafira?
I'm her great-nephew.
I'm visiting her for holidays.
And she sent me to you with presents.
And I wanted to thrash you
with a besom!
It turns out the presents are for me
and you're my relation.
My great nephew.
Welcome to
our sabbat!
I mean, our hut!
My tongue seems
to be slipping all day!
Take a seat.
Can't get rid of that habit.
What are those awful things
in your wood?
Oh, my goodness!
Have you met the One-Eyed Evil?
How did you manage to stay in one
piece? There's no escaping it.
It steps onto a bridge -
the bridge falls down.
It enters a house - there go only
squabbles and fights in the house.
And what's this?
What a keen eye you've got!
It's my neighbor.
Where's your neighbor?
On a bench over there.
Here she is, fresh from the bogs.
Stop fooling, show up.
He's one of us.
My great nephew.
Last name is Boggy.
Kikimora, daughter of Kikimora.
- And I'm Mitya. I know about you.
- How come?
You and Wood Spirit scare
people in the woods together.
I have to do everything myself.
You can't get any help from him.
The sun has already set,
and we haven't eaten yet.
And what is this?
An apple over a saucer.
A gift from my niece,
Vasilissa the Wisest.
She was visiting with me,
and left it.
It shows everything
that's going on in our tsardom.
Is yours a tsardom?
Of course, a tsardom.
And what a tsardom!
A prohibited one,
a thrice-twenty tsardom.
Now move closer and watch.
Who's this?
This one?
It's Gavrila, the tsar's servant.
How do you polish?
How do you polish?
It's no way to polish!
And who's that?
Makar Ivanovich, our tsar.
A worthy man.
Give me the brush.
I'll teach you in no time.
No, you can't, Your Majesty. If they
see it, there'll be no end of gossip.
Then close the door,
and no one will see it.
Yes, sir.
What kind of life am I living?
I can't work with an axe -
it's not decorous.
I can't polish the floors -
it's not proper.
I can't ride in a cart -
it's not prestigious.
Tell me, Gavrila, you think
it's a life for me in this house?
You have no life in this house.
Tell me, have I ever seen
anything good in this life?
No, you haven't, Your Majesty,
nothing good.
But if we think about it...
If we think about it,
there was something good!
Well, if we think...
Then there was something.
Sure there was.
Oh, you... There was, there wasn't.
First one way, then another.
It's not fitting for a
Там, на неведомых дорожках...

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