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Again this woman... from the sphere.
Based upon the novel by V. Scherbakov
We're approaching.
this is my ship. D'you like it?
It is nice.
It turns out very comfortable:
a residence and a lab.
You wake up and get to work at once.
So, why have you come?
I missed you.
What is up with you?
I just felt like visiting you very much.
Attention. The far space
communication session starts.
"Gandvana" is communicating
with the spaceship.
Request for landing.
On the Heat Planet in the Centaurus Constellation
the abyssal lake has been discovered.
The unknown life form, slightly similar to that of the Earth,
has been found there.
The drones brought one of those plants to the spaceship.
Also, the drone brought some alien rocks
with mysterious and yet uncoded signs on them.
But the Space Research Center experts say
that unfortunately the soil probes
lack other life forms.
I wonder, why the drone brought
the only plant species.
What is to wonder?
There can't be a planet with
the only species on it.
Life is like a river with many tributaries.
Single-celled and other primitive organisms make up
the foundation of the pyramid of numbers
Without them nothing can exist.
Congrats, Valentina.
You are a biologist.
An alien flower is your field.
Yah, it's queer, there's no other
signs of life in the soil probes.
The life on the planet could be destroyed,
while the flower is a relict, doomed to solitude.
Such a beautiful lady like you shouldn't...
I mean, where did the smart girl like you get
so pessimistic ideas from?
Tell me everything!
You know, I've got a very strange
incident recently.
On my way to the airport
I suddenly saw the glowing sphere.
A women went out of it...
I felt as if one part of myself was on Earth
while the other one - somewhere else...
- You're pulling my leg.
- No, I'm not.
I'm honest.
It all happened just like before...
Do you recall a story I told you?
I was 10 and I got swamped.
It was her who saved me.
I saw the very same sphere back then.
So many years passed but she hasn't changed a bit.
- Are you sure you hadn't got a trip?
- I'm sure.
It all looked as real as it had looked before.
Valya, believe me, I'm not a loonie.
I believe you.
Gleb, honey, but this is a serious incident.
You should do something!
- What if it was it a contact?
- What contact?
An alien contact.
I dunno...
Her appearance is usually followed by important events.
Something crucial is to happen soon.
And this flower the spaceship has brought to Earth.
They have something to do with each other.
And I may have something to do with it as well.
- Have you told the story to somebody else?
- No.
I told you.
Shouldn't you tell about it to someone?
You must do something...
No. We'll wait.
Let's follow the destiny.
- Have you told me everything you wanted to?
- What d'you mean?
Forget it.
Look, what a terrible live report.
Hello, friends! I'm Tom Siliter,
and this my show Sidney Evening Time.
I know that dude.
We're breaking the movie to report the news
about the Russian space expedition coming back.
Moscow Super Computer has started
deciphering the mysterious signs on the rocks.
And an alien plant has been brought
to the Phitotrone Lab in Nid.
The Xenoflora Research Institute under the direction of
the famous space biologist Oleg Yankov will study the plant.
Oh, boy!
Oleg Yankov! He was my classmate!
I'm sorry
to share all my problems with
you all the time.
I've been thinking a lot about you... about us recently.
You know...
I'm very tired today.
Are they mutants?
I'd never think so.
Whad does it mean?

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