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This hearing will come to order.
The witness will please state her full name.
Emily Crane.
- Where do you reside, Miss Crane?
- New York City.
Would you mind speaking
into the microphone?
Excuse me. New York City.
- Where are you employed?
- Assistant picture editor at Life magazine.
Miss Crane,
are you a member of the board
of an organisation called Liberty Watch?
- Yes.
- Does your subpoena direct you
to bring here all books,
ledgers, records and papers
- relating to that organisation?
- Yes, it does.
Did you bring them?
- l have a statement...
- Please answer the question.
Your questions will be answered...
We will consider your statement
in due time, Miss Crane.
"We are an organisation
devoted to civil liberties..."
- We know about your... Miss Crane.
-" We make no political..."
We know about your organisation.
That is why you are here.
-" We have no religious qualifications..."
- Do you deny...
Do you deny... Miss Crane!
Do you deny the committee
the materials requested in your subpoena?
ln our files are the names of people
we've helped or who've helped us.
- l won't be a part of getting them...
- A great publication.
Life magazine. You agree?
A circulation of millions.
Each week a picture view of world events
and you select those pictures.
l'm impressed.
- l don't decide what goes in the magazine.
- But you can suggest.
The witness' work
at Life magazine is irrelevant.
l fail to see
how any of this relates.
Do you recognise these petitions -
the Stockholm peace petition,
World Disarmament, Ban The Bomb?
Your signature on all of them.
You write a lovely hand.
- These are your signatures?
- None of this is relevant to the inquiry.
You got others to sign them, didn't you?
Did they know what they were signing?
l never lied to anyone!
How did you persuade them,
a beautiful woman such as yourself?
l object to this line of questioning!
- These questions are hardly germane.
- The witness is in a position
to distort information received
by millions of Americans.
That's ridiculous!
She's refused to surrender her files
to this committee
as ordered in her subpoena.
Miss Crane, you know we have a legal right
to those records.
You want to smear people.
Then you withhold materials
requested in your subpoena.
l will not give you their names.
l believe a citation is called for.
l don't want to do this, Miss Crane,
but you don't leave us much choice.
The law is very clear.
You're sure you won't reconsider?
l'm truly sorry.
l move we cite this witness
as being in contempt of Congress
and take steps to bring this
to the Senate floor. All in favour.
Motion carried.
This hearing is adjourned.
Everybody, please...
(MELODY) Happy birthday to you...
Senator Byington.
(MELODY) Happy birthday to you
(MELODY) Happy birthday, Senator Byington
-(MELODY) Happy birthday to you...
- Get some shots of the family.
Here she comes.
They call this spring,
l'm freezin' to death.
lt doesn't feel cold to me.
Where you come from,
20 below is a heat wave.
Where l come from,
people aren't colder than the weather.
lt's a dry cold.
lt doesn't feel the same.
So your nose drops off.
l'm puttin' on the heat.
That'll look suspicious -
motor running, not moving.
What are they gonna do, call the cops?
These are for you.
- Payday.
- Thanks, Tommy.
lt's four times what l make, Warren.
- Think of it as a bonus.
- lt's not a bonus, is it?
You weren't supposed to get that
before you were told.
So tell me now.
lt wasn't my decision.
We're reorganising
your department, cutting back.
- You know how they get upstairs...
- Warren.
We've always been honest with each other.
They can't afford to offend public opinion.
They make public opinion.
Why the hell couldn't you cooperate?
Your goddamn testimony.
What's the big deal?
Don't you know the climate?
You had a future here.
Thanks for the truth.
lf you quote me, l'll deny

- Donggam

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