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DashkevichThe most insidious
and cruel murder,
that a criminal mind could possibly
create at the end of the XIX century,
was prevented.
Deliberate criminal had fallen
a victim to his own intrigues:
He was bitten
by venomous snake.
Sherlock Holmes
and Doctor Watson came back
to 221-B, Baker-street.
Based on the book of stories
by A. Conan Doyle
Sherlock Holmes -
Vasily Livanov
Doctor Watson -
Vitaly Solomin
Mrs. Hudson -
Rina Zelenaya
Also starring
Borislav Brondukov,
Igor Dmitriev, Nikolay Karachentsov,
V. Aristov, V. Baganov, A. Ilyin,
L. ischenko, O. Khromenkov
- What are you doing?
- Shooting. Don't you see?
What an odd way to decorate the
room with the Queen's monogram.
I'm bored, Watson.
My god, you've
smoked a lot.
And you've ruined the wall.
What will you tell the
I won't tell her anything. I'll
disguise the hole with a rug.
- You will give me the rug,
won't you? - No, I won't.
Watson, stop being sore with
You lost your billiard-game and
you wreak your vexation on me.
Two holes are definitely
missing here.
Mr. Holmes, the armorer
he will have 38-caliber bullets
only on Tuesday.
We'll wait until Tuesday.
There's not much we can do.
You call that criminal
A baker beat up his apprentice
with a rolling-pin.
A drunken sailor broke
a glass window.
A pocket-thief caught in a bus
during an unsuccessful attempt
to steal someone's cash.
Mind you, Watson,
They can no longer accomplish
even the simplest things.
No, the criminal world is
definitely degenerating.
- One can only be thankful.
- Yes. As an honest philistine,
a loyal servant of her Majesty
I am thankful.
But as a detective!
How did you know
I played billiards?
Simple deduction.
You could have easily guessed.
There's chalk on your hand.
You're not a tailor, not a
Why the chalk then?
Deduction: You played the
billiards. If you had won,
you would come home in
a good mood.
That's right.
And very simple...
After you explained it to me.
Today's your turn to
play white.
You must learn to make
logical conclusions.
Things can say more about people
than people about things.
A beautiful paradox.
But there are things that have
no face. That look the same.
Take my watch for instance.
I've had it for a year
What can you say?
There's not much I can
say about you.
That you're a pedant and
you clean it regularly.
That all?
About you - yes.
But it did tell me something
about your elder brother.
The watch belonged to your
father, then it went
into possession of your
elder brother.
That's a simple one.
There's "G.W." engraved
on it.
Only the surname coincides,
that means it is not mine.
You knew my father had long
passed away,
and I've told you I had it
for only a year.
That means my father left
it to my elder brother.
And he...
then gave it to me.
Watson, you're making
amazing progress.
Thank you for the compliment.
But I expected you to say
about my brother's character,
his habits, about...
what kind of person he was.
You'd like that?
Very well.
Your brother was a disorderly
light-minded man,
a drunk.
He inherited a fair amount of
money, but wasted it all.
However at times fortune
was king to him.
Finally he ruined himself
and died.
I don't know who told you the
life story of my poor brother,
but it is not a subject for
I shouldn't have interfered
with your family matters.
I didn't know my guess
would be so precise.
I assure you, the watch told
me all that.
I didn't explain the logical
chain of deductions to you
and offered the conclusion.
That's why you don't believe me.
Please let me explain.
You see these numbers
scribbled with a needle?
You know what they are?
Numbers of receipts.
That's what they do in all
pawn-shops to

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