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Anyone! Help!
Hello, Michael.
I want to play a game.
So far, in what could loosely
be called your life...
you've made a living
watching others.
Society would call you
an informant, a rat, a snitch.
I call you unworthy
of the body you possess...
of the life
that you've been given.
Now, we will see if you are
willing to look inward...
rather than outward...
To give up the one thing
you rely on...
in order to go on living.
The device around your neck
is a death mask.
The mask is on a spring timer.
If you do not locate
the key in time...
the mask will close.
Think of it
like a Venus flytrap.
What you are looking at
right now is your own body...
not more than two hours ago.
- Oh, fuck.
- Don't worry.
You're sound asleep
and can't feel a thing.
Taking into account that you are
at a great disadvantage here...
I am going to give you a hint
as to where I've hidden the key.
So listen carefully.
The hint is this--
it's right before your eyes.
How much blood will you shed
to stay alive, Michael?
Live or die. Make your choice.
Who the fuck are you?
Who the fuck are you?!
Who the fuck are you?!
No more!
Someone help me!
Do it!
Help me!
Please! Please!
No, no, no, no, no, no!
- 'Scuse me.
- Help you?
Here for Daniel Mathews.
Sign these.
Let's go, Daniel.
Took you long enough.
I'm sorry I didn't have it
penciled in on my schedule.
They're gonna press charges,
you know.
Yeah. They're assholes.
Course they are.
You stole from them.
This works out great
for me, though.
Your mother gets to keep custody,
I get to take you into custody.
What is it with you?
You a tough guy
'cause you steal now?
Please, save me
the after school special.
- Why are you such a cop 24/7?
- Hey, it's called being a father.
Trust me,
you're better at being a cop.
I just think I should go
back to Mom's early.
- What did you say?
- What, can you not hear me?
No, I can't hear you.
Say it again.
I think I should go
back to Mom's--
Well, then go!
Hey, this is Daniel.
Leave a message.
It's Dad. Sorry about yesterday.
Look, I haven't heard from you.
Would you give me
a call, please?
I'm sorry, sarge.
I thought you were my son.
Yeah. I'll be right there.
What do you got?
County asbestos cleaners
were working on a deadline.
One of them finds a body,
calls it in.
Says that this whole section's
been abandoned for two years.
Spotted people
down here, though.
- Who?
- Well, homeless, mostly.
Bunch of kids held a rave
in the boiler room about two months back.
Get an estimate
on the time of death?
Forensics just got here.
But it was the arriving officer
who called it in as your buddy.
He wasn't my buddy,
he was an informant.
This officer I.D.'d him
just by looking at him?
Well, he wasn't positive.
That's why I wanted you here.
All right.
Let me get a look at his face.
I'll tell you in two seconds
if it's him or not.
Therein lies the problem.
Yeah, that's Mike.
When were you gonna
tell me about that?
Thought you'd want to see it
for yourself.
OK. Well, I saw it.
I'll have to admit
it's a little early, but...
so far, everything matches
Jigsaw's pattern.
I can see that.
What do you want with me?
Let's just pretend for a second
that this is new to us, all right?
Can you think of anyone
that would want to do this to your guy?
Well, he's an informant, Kerry.
You want a list of possible suspects?
Grab a phone book.
Crackhead county punks
don't have engineering degrees.
Now, I'd say that
our cause of death here...
narrows that list down
just a little bit, wouldn't you?
Sure. And you're the expert.
Look closer, Detective Mathews.
At what?
Ask whoever wrote it.
Hello, Michael.
I want to play a game.
So far, in what could loosely
be called your life...
you have made a living
watching others.
You know, you and that guy
have a lot in common, Kerry.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

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