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jkhelgiCreative Association "Ekran"
Moomintroll and the others
Based on the Tove Jansson's
story  "Comet In Moominland"
Film first
There once a long way away to the north
in the blue valley
were living the family of Moomintrolls...
I am, Moomintroll Senior,
begining to write memoirs
about how I am and my family...
Yes, daddy.
Tell me, what is a memoirs?
This is when kitty's miaowing.
And what are you thinking, Sniff?
This is when the cow's mooing.
He-he, no-o...
The memoirs is the reminiscences.
I am begining to write the reminiscences.
So, I'm reminiscing about myself having sat down
to write the memoirs.
My wife, Moominmamma,
as now as I remember,
was cooking dinner.
Eh-eh, what will we have for dinner?
There'll be pasties with apples.
Aha, we'll have pies with apples for the dinner,
I've been remembring.
What a good miaow-moris.
What a delicious moo-moo-oiris.
And write the reminiscences what will be for supper.
Who will be fooing around they will be taken by Groke
dreadful and terrible one.
What is it?
Agh-r-r! Here!
This is the Hobgoblin.
A relative of ours.
How do you do.
Grandaddy, any tea or coffee for you?
One plate of tea, one plate of coffee.
And not a single drop more, I am in a hurry.
And what happened?
A fire?
A world catastrophe?
On the contrary.
This evening a public holiday happened out of nowhere.
For evrybody.
Eh-h, where?
Where will be more funny there will be public holiday.
It's all. Ciao cacao!
Let's start running to chose where is more funny.
I know one road... that is, a mysterious way
It's lead to not known where.
I like when I'm strolling
Then I'm waging my tail
Then I am,
Then I am
never being bored ever.
Moomin, look!
Here is it, the mysterious way!
Are they ghosts or no?
It seemed to me that this is Groke
dreadful and terrible one.
Ah, it's a nonsense.
The water.
And what is this?
The lighthouse, probably.
Let's go to swim.
I won't go! Wanting to dive, dive worse for oneself!
Ah, it's a nonsense.
Save! Save!
Save! Help! Help! Help!
Why are you screaming!
He's dro-wned.
A brother.
We know your brother.
There he is.
Hey, Sniff, look what I've found!
What's the matter with you?
So, what have you found there?
Here! Isn't it yours, is it?
No, it isn't mine.
This is a golden bangle of one little girl, who's name Snork.
Hm-m-m... She closely resembles you, hm...
She's probably lost it, that Snork of yours.
Bungler! Bungler-Snork!
And what's your name?
I am Snufkin.
Sniff and Moomin tin-tin-tin,
And without-tail Snufkin...
Oh, you are not offended, are you?
What a lot of things!
What is it for?
For the disguise.
Why, are you hiding?
Whom from?
It doesn't matter.
Have you anything more?
I have.
I have everything I see,
everything I'm thinking about.
The whole world!
Might I take a little bit?
Take as much as you want.
It seems to me...
I'm just on my way. Await me here.
Oh, what a disgusting bush!
So, like this!
Oh, what a courageous you are!
Ah, it's a nonsense.
It is beautiful here.
I wanted something... Oh, I wanted something... I forgot.
Yes, you... Haven't you lost the bangle?
Ah! So pleasantly! Thank you!
Then I know what is your name!
Your name is... Bungler... Oh! bungler... Oh!
I forgot what further...
Call me just... Snork!
Here, this is Snork.
Moomin is a real hero!
He's saved me from a terrible bush!
In that cave over there.
And why did you get into the cave?
The sparks are the little spirits of the fire.
I have quarreled recently with Groke about them.
With Groke! Ah-h-h-h!!!
Why, yes! With Groke.
She had frozen them in the volcano,
but I freed them!
Since then Groke are looking for me everywhere.
Yes, and we have the public holiday today!
I'm inviting you, will you allow?
There's will not be public holiday! We haven't

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