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Did somebody ask for a wake-up call?
...the result of a four-car collision
that's now cleared.
This is Cdr Chuck Street
flying Yellow Thunder.
Thanks. Touch the radio
to feel the warmth of my sincerity.
Hey! That's great!
102.7 Kiis FM. K-I-I-S Los Angeles.
Rick Dees in the morning.
Tell us what time it is!
It's 6.55, and coming up
Liz, Fulton, Coach Charlie Wright...
And, Coach, I hate to tell you this,
your fly is open...
Paramedics! Paramedic, somewhere?
Coming up, Long Dong Wong
from Hong Kong is here.
How are you doing?
His girlfriend is helping him out today...
- Translated, that is:
- It's so big!
- Down, Wylie, it's not your birthday.
- It's not?
Hurt me, baby!
Go away.
Mr Johnson's up and wants to say "Hi".
OK, OK, OK...!
Now, I'm gonna put it in...
Here it comes...! Oh, shit!
God, you've got cobwebs down there.
- Get it off!
- Hurry or I'll change my mind.
- Pull it over your head!
- You're sitting on it.
- I'm suffocating!
- Is there no end to this thing?
- I'm sorry.
- I have to go to work anyway.
Thanks for the belly dance.
How you doin'? Let's go, we're late.
Yeah, right. Just drive the car.
Come on! We're gonna be late.
Morgan! Hurry up!
Work, work, work!
School, school, school!
- Did you hurt yourself?
- Yeah, I hope my toy's OK.
Wylie, we're living in a dump!
A little landscaping
and this house'll be a showplace.
What's up?
No, no, no!
Bang! Bang! Bang!
- Bung! Bung!
- Right, English. Always English here.
- Excuse me.
- Fuck this.
- Yeah!
- Good.
Y'all will get pregnant if you do that.
Take it easy.
You're jammin', though.
Wait! I want a picture for my family.
How do you say "cheese" in Arabic?
- Thanks!
- Landry!
- How y'all doing?
- Look who's here!
- How's the belly dancer?
- What's my name?
Did you do work?
- Landry, you're late!
- Sorry, sir, problem with the car.
- Landry!
- Landry!
We can be real proud
of what we taught these boys.
They'll destroy
your brand-new tank.
Those boys are killers. Dogs of war.
Lions of the fuckin' desert.
Who made this awful thing?
You did.
- Wylie...
- I wouldn't make something like this.
See this red wire?
It's come off the connection.
- What about the test today?
- It'll be fine.
It's important, isn't it?
Part of the tank they're going to build?
Small part, in a great big tank.
Small part called a DYP-Gyro
that doesn't work.
- What do you mean?
- I'm kidding! Lt'll work.
The DYP's gonna work.
Today we will field-test one of the new
XM-10 Annihilator tanks.
We're proud to offer this sophisticated,
state-of-the-art, super-tank to Kuwait.
Beautiful Kuwait, a country
so close to the hearts of all Americans.
Indeed, Kuwait and America
share a common heritage of...
Share so many similarities,
like... your deserts.
We too have big deserts.
"Aaaah" my ass. Get in the tank.
- Thanks. Goodbye.
- Wylie, the truth.
Is the company going under?
Are you gonna lose this job?
- If I'm late again.
- Morgan had to get to school!
- At least he's got a future.
- Thank you!
- So go around!
- Laura!
I had to start over again here.
I've got Hallowe'en parties to cater.
- I cannot move again!
- Who's talking about moving?
Wylie, let me put it this way:
You lose this job, you don't come home.
Laura, thanks for your support.
Have a nice day.
All right, I'm moving!
All right, we got a lot of
important people out there.
Let's make this good. Move out!
OK, A-Team, let's do work!
- Do work.
- Do work?
- Do work.
- Do work!
Guys, buckle up.
We're going into hyperspace.
Now, as the assault group passes by,
you'll see a number of vehicles,
but I want you to pay particular attention
to the super-tank, the XM-10.
If Superman were a tank driver,
he'd drive the super-tank.
Who farted? You can't fart in here,
I closed the hatch.
- It'll be in here for an hour now.
- What means fart?
- Oh, fart!
- Somebody must've ate a bad goat.
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