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Subtitles by Niffiwan
Rubik's Cube
Animated TV-Journal for Schoolchildren
Here is a box before us
"The Box of Pencil Crayons"
with pencils of many colors
It can hold with ease
anything you please!
This box of colored pencils
holds seas, and mountains tall,
creatures big and small,
and a cat with glorious whiskers!
In this box lives also
a beautiful green fir tree
decorated amply
with crackers 'round its torso.
Skipping in a rush
past it runs a hare
chasing a little bear
whose ears are made of plush.
Through the snow's crust
a snowdrop pokes its head
and through the stream ahead
a sailboat swims past.
Amidst the pencil crayons
a little raincloud cried
Now, artist, look with pride
at the forest's rainbow.
In this box of colored pencils
gaily the sun dances.
By the beach it prances,
Cheering up the toddlers.
Underneath the tent spire
the circus seats are full.
A clown juggles hoops,
walking on a tightwire.
There, the city centre
with eager kids fills.
Flags flap in the winds
above them as they enter.
In this box of colored pencils
youll find all the universe
so many amazing places
You will see them for yourselves,
When you start drawing,
you'll see for yourselves...
"Did You See the Hare?"
"Did You See the Hare?"
-Catch! -Grab him!
I will shoot!
Hey you!
Did you see the hare?
What hare?
With ears?
Somewhere around here.
I have a nose for hares.
Over there.
We'll find him yet!
He won't escape me!
Well? Where?
Did you find him?
Almost, almost...
And he also has a... tail?
Fluffy. Fluffy.
Hand it over.
Not him?
Not him. Not him!
Not me!
I see for myself that it's not him.
I... is he grey? This hare.
Uh-huh. Grey.
No. I didn't see him.
What about the hare?
Did you see the hare?!
Rubik's Cube: Clownery
Screenplays: S. Task, A. Ivanov, A. Tatarskiy
Directors and animators: A. Tatarskiy, I. Kovalyov, V. Barbe, A. Fedulov
Art directors: I. Kovalyov, Y. Kosareva
Camera: V. Milovanov, E. Gaman
Composers: Y. Chernovskiy, G. Gladkov,
Sound operator N. Boyarskiy
Actors: A. Ptitsyn, A. Borzunov, Y. Puzyryov, A. Karapetyan
Animators and artists: N. Bazeltseva, K. Malyantovich,
I. Mednik, I. Doroshenko,
A. Svislotskiy, Y. Delyusin, A. Yurkovskaya,
I. Romanov, O. Khorova
Script editor: Y. Babakhina
Editor: L. Georgiyeva
Film group director: E. Sarayeva


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