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Красная палатка

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General Umberto Nobile returned a hero
to Italy.
To his Roman triumph,
led by Benito Mussolini.
Nobile's journey over the North Pole
with Roald Amundsen...
had thrilled the world in the year of 1926.
But the laurels won by the handsome hero
did not give him rest.
He had seen the north,
the vast, silent, frozen sea...
unendurable, uninhabitable.
Yet, for more than 2,000 years...
explorers have been drawn north
into this mysterious whiteness...
where man literally walks on water.
Men with such names
as Makarov, Nansen, Amundsen.
At last, in 1909, Robert E. Peary...
the great American explorer,
made a brilliant dash with dogs.
Peary conquered the North Pole.
There was a pause in Arctic exploration.
The restless men turned to the Antarctic.
Roald Amundsen conquered the South Pole...
December 14, 1911.
Then came aircraft,
and the excitement stirred again.
This was Nobile's moment.
Already an internationally known designer
and flyer of airships...
he planned the most dangerous
of all air expeditions...
to fly to the fury of the North Pole
and to land there.
Why? For reasons of science, certainly.
But there was also the explorers'
age-old reason or vanity...
the desire to be first.
General Nobile, has it been decided yet...
which of your crew
will be the first to land...
I mean put a foot on the North Pole?
It has been decided.
The first man to land from the air
at the North Pole will be myself.
I will be the first man.
The Italian Navy provided Nobile
with a support ship, The City of Milan...
under the command of
a reliable career officer...
Captain Romagna.
Captain Romagna took up station
at the small mining town of Kingsbay...
the jumping-off point of the expedition.
In an expedition
that was to become so famous...
for its failure...
the questions must still be asked.
Was it justified?
Should it have been undertaken?
Was Umberto Nobile a fit leader?
At the time, if there was doubt,
Amundsen, in an interview in Oslo...
very generously dispelled the doubt.
Dr. Amundsen, of what scientific value...
will General Nobile's expedition be,
if it is successful?
Of the utmost value.
The Arctic is an enormous territory,
quite unexplored.
General Nobile and I made a start
in the Norge expedition.
Now he is continuing that work
with the Italia expedition.
Dr. Amundsen, why aren't you
leading the expedition this time?
My expedition days are over.
Also, I wasn't asked this time.
General Nobile
is not an expert Arctic explorer, is he?
He has experts with him.
I know some of the men.
They're excellent men.
And I know General Nobile.
He is an excellent leader. Excellent.
On May 23, at 4:00 in the afternoon...
the dirigible Italia
left Kingsbay for the North Pole.
Tragic death toll.
I know General Nobile.
He is an excellent leader.
Official investigation.
- An excellent leader.
- Resignation of commission.
- Excellent.
- Reduction in rank.
In view of your extraordinary conduct...
I never lost a ship. I never lost a man.
An excellent leader.
Why did you allow them to leave?
25 degrees, 18 minutes, Longitude east.
Demote him.
The investigating commission agrees...
that General Nobile's actions are contrary...
to the traditions of military honor
and the code of military law...
and it finds no plausible justification...
for what can only be explained,
but not justified...
by his physical and moral depression
at the time.
Where are you?
Pleasant dreams, General?
Lundborg, you're late.
Where are you?
Wherever you want me to be.
Another one of those
sleepless nights, Nobile?
Be civil.
One thing about being dead
for a few years...
I don't have to be civil.
- So, we are at it again?
- Yes.
You're getting worse, you know it?
It's only 10 days
since you had us here the last time.
"A new book about Nobile,
Fresh Light on an Old Scandal."
- That today's?
- It is.
Jesus Christ, it's 40 years ago,
and they still
Красная палатка

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