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- Green light.
- Let's go.
How many times was John Wayne nominated
for an Academy Award?
Probably not enough.
Marcellino's still asleep.
- I'm gonna go relieve Ed.
- How the hell can one son of a bitch sleep so much?
- Fear.
- As long as he wakes up to testify.
Oh, no.
We've been looking for you.
- So you want to be a witness?
- No, no, no, no!
Witness this.
His birthday
was in two weeks.
Harry, they wanna
take him out.
Twenty-seven years of this shit,
and I never got a scratch. Jesus Christ.
I want a list of everybody
in Witness Protection...
who knew we
were holding Marcellino...
and anybody else
who could've known...
from the district attorney
to the commissioner.
They're dead, Mike.
Whoever set this up...
whatever it takes...
they're dead.
Okay, Cullen. You're outta here.
Hey, you goddamn son of a...
- Whoa!
- Damn!
Yes, sir. Well, a number
of the residents have complained...
though, about the trash around the Dumpster,
so I think you should do something about it.
Yes, sir. Heh! All right.
Have a good day then.
- You caught the bastard.
- In the act.
Bullshit. I was on my way
to a costume party.
He stopped somebody over at Route 74
for driving too fast.
- He was going to let them off for 50 bucks.
- They stopped me for directions.
Book him.
Impersonating an officer,
resisting arrest...
fraud, reckless driving
and lying to the sheriff.
- I'll be at home if you need me.
- Okay, Sheriff.
Come on, Deputy Dawg.
Amy! Amy!
- Are we having a party?
- Of course...
and I'm glad you're home early
to join in the celebration.
Is it just gonna be us,
or are we gonna have company?
Be serious. Of course it's just us.
So, what are we celebrating?
our fifth year.
Five years in exile.
Five years in a town without...
having found anybody who could talk
about anything except...
crops and the weather.
- It's not gonna be forever.
- The hell it's not.
Christ, Amy, this is old news.
Let it go.
- I did the best I could.
- The hell you did.
You could still be with the bureau.
You could've fought it.
We could still be living in New York.
You did not have to quit!
They gave me a chance to resign.
If it would've gone to trial...
I would've lost
and they would've kicked me out.
I wouldn't have even had
the chance to get this job!
What are we having
for dinner?
Just this.
This is gonna make us fat.
You think because we're in shape
we're not already fat?
We're like all the cows
they raise around here.
Victims of circumstance.
And you know what a cow's
biggest contribution to this world is?
You should not drink
and bake.
Hello, Mark.
- Yeah?
- It's Shannon, Mark. Harry Shannon.
It's been a long time, Harry.
What's going on?
I want to talk to you, Mark.
I got trouble.
- Talk.
- No. Not on the telephone.
It's all I've got time for.
Things aren't so good,
huh, kid?
Seen better days.
If you wanna see 'em again,
meet me.
The bureau always arranges
such intriguing meeting places.
This has nothing to do with the bureau.
Mr. Patrovita,
you deny any sources of illicit income...
any connection at all
with organized crime...
yet your reported income
for this past year was $73,000...
with which you somehow
managed to maintain...
a seven-bedroom mansion
here in Chicago...
a hunting lodge in Wisconsin...
a winter resort in California...
four Cadillacs that we know of...
and a lifestyle that makes
Ted Turner look like a derelict.
Now, can you explain
how you manage this?
I think it'd be of particular interest
to those of us...
- on fixed incomes.
- Hold it. That's Baxter.
- I know, I know.
- What the hell has he got to do with it?
- He's special federal prosecutor.
- That son of a bitch cost me a career.
You brought in a suspect with
half the bones in his body broken.
- Any prosecutor would've gone after you.
- Oh,
Без компромиссов

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