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Daenseo-ui sunjeong

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Presented by Show East
Contestants No. 14,
LIM, Byung-hoon and KIM, Su-jin
No. 33,
PARK, Ji-hoon and CHO, In-ah
- No. 41, LEE, Ki-chuI and KIM, Mi-jin.
- Its not the partner
but the partnership that counts.
No. 83, OH, Kyung-yong and
LIM, Ji-young
No. 34, JUNG, Hyun-soo and
KIM, Se-young
Contestants No. 75,
NA, Young-sae and JUNG, Eun-shiI.
And our last competitors for today.
No. 65,
LEE, Won-gook and KIM, Hae-jin.
The dance of love like a hot summer.
The Samba.
Enjoy the great talents of our dancers.
Lets dance the Samba!
Planning Producer
CHOI Soon-sik
Executive Producer
KIM Dong-joo
Line Producer YI Pil-hoon
Screenplay PARK kye-ok
Director of Photography
KIM Jong-yun
Lighting Director LEE Kang-san
Production Design SHIN Jeom-hui
Recording KANG Shin-kyoo
Music CHOI Man-sik
Editing SHIN Min-kyoung
Directed by PARK, Young-hoon
Innocent Steps
MOON, Geun-young
PARK, Gun-hyung
Didnt think youd be in.
Its been awhile.
Man, you cant just give up.
A dancer should dance.
The hell you doing?
What brings you here?
Hows your leg?
Youre the best dancer in Korea.
Lets start up again.
You can dance again, right?
Theres a good dancer
coming from China tomorrow.
Shes won several times
at the Chosun Communalist contests.
Shell make a good partner for you.
Not interested.
Hyun-soos living it up.
Dont you have any pride?
Arent you ashamed of living like this?
I said no! Drop it.
Is it because of Se-young?
Is that it?
Be a man about it...
It may be trivial to you,
but Ill never forget it. Got that?
I know man.
Thats why Im telling you to team up
with a new girl from China.
What do they know?
If we just pay them on time,
theyll gladly stay with us.
Frankly, what would they know
about how things are here?
At least theyll be naive enough
not to run off on you.
Anyway, go pick her up tomorrow.
Her pictures in the envelope.
Eat some real food...
Why cant he just do as hes told for once?
Idiot. Shit.
This may sound crazy,
But youll have to
fake marrying her.
We cant have her
here any other way.
Youre still sleeping?
Shes coming from China today.
Shes arriving at 2 oclock so hurry up.
Look Young-sae,
lets make this work, ok?
I got it. Stop nagging.
Make sure you get her
picture taken
and file her entry right away.
Got it?
Okay. Hang up now!
Im late.
Theyre the same.
- Not permitted.
- Im here all the time.
This exceeds the limit.
Inspect her bags pIease.
Welcome! Jang, Chae-min
JANG, Chae-min, I guess not...
Shit, whyd she smile at me!
Miss, we cant admit
insects like these.
Mista sir! Theyre not any harm.
So please give em back, sir.
Miss, we need to get rid of them
under quarantine Iaws.
I cant let you take them in.
Its not an object but live bugs.
And its not harmfuI at aII.
You cant beg your way out of this.
Step aside and wait pIease.
Mista sir!
Its non-smoking here.
PIease go out.
I know!
You sure shes coming today?
Theres no sign of JANG, Chae-min
or whatever her name is.
Know how many hours
Ive been waiting?
Mista sir? Are you Iooking for
JANG, Chae-min?
HoId on.
Are you JANG, Chae-min?
Yes, thats me.
I found her. III caII you back Iater.
Do you know how Iong Ive waited?
Im sorry.
But, are you reaIIy JANG, Chae-min?
Yes, of course.
You wore socks with those shoes?
The house is rather messy today.
Lets see if theres anything to eat.
Are you coId?
No, Im dandy fine.
This wouId onIy be Iike faII weather
back in Yunbyun.
This is the bathroom.
This is your hanger and booksheIves...
Is this you mista in the picture?
Listen when Im a teIIin ya somethin.
Yes, Im sorry.
FoIIow me.
The beds in here.
What about you mista?
I can sIeep on the sofa.
You can take the bed.
Dear Chae-min,
- Im...
- Lights out.
Good morning.
What are you doing?
Me? Im cIeaning.
Who toId you to touch my
Daenseo-ui sunjeong

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