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Written by
Anatoly Grebnev and Marlen Khutsiyev
Directed by
Marlen Khutsiyev
Theatrical summer at its peak.
The tour season this year is exceptionally int...
The Portuguese are on the attack,
and Eusebio's kick...
Director of Photography
German Lavrov
caused some anxiety for the Brazilians.
The champions have taken a ball from the corner.
So the Brazilian's fate will now hang
on the outcome of tomorrow's game
between Hungary and Bulgaria.
Another shot at the goal...
Eusebio's shot has reached the goal.
It is now 5:30, and Mayak Radio continues...
Songs by
Bulat Okudzhava and Yuri Vizbor
Lions in a car, rabbits on a tram...
... it joyfully recalls to memory a good man
and the years of our youth...
Yevgeniya Uralova as Lena
Aleksander Belyavsky as Volodya
Yuri Vizbor as Alik
Yevgeniya Kozyreva as Lena's Mother
Aleksander Mitta as Vladik
Damn. That's inconvenient.
Yes... we are marooned.
No links to the outside world.
Now it's going to be a while.
Not necessarily. See how it pours.
It means it will be over soon.
Wait, where are you going?
Take this, it's waterproof in theory.
Hold on. How will I give it back?
- Can't be difficult.
- Write down my number.
B5-14-90. Somebody's always at home.
- Thank you so much.
- Not at all.
Thank you!
If these considerations are taken into account...
and the familiar phenomena are approached...
with a clear head... bluntly...
we shall be faced with facts that...
overturn our old and accepted projections.
Full stop.
And the reason is that
the consumption of fresh water...
in the next 8-10 years...
will approximately double...
which will confront the economy
and humanity as a whole
with the problem of
the desalination of sea water.
given that, all things considered...
we have at our disposal today...
no more than...
five rubles and change...
a natural question seems to arise...
as to how this amount
can be approximately tripled...
- Oh, get out.
- ... by means of fair expropriation...
- I keep typing like a fool.
-... from close friends and distant acquaintances.
- Give it to me.
- Help yourself.
So tonight we'll set about
solving this problem.
He spent his evenings
by the extinguished fireplace...
with a Saxonian clock and ugly
China figurines on its mantelpiece...
reading a French novel...
having opened it in the middle...
about the sufferings of poor Juliette...
who had fallen in love with a noble lord.
- Hello? Lyova, hi...
What's new over the elapsed period?
I've been good today: five pages.
Hear the typing?
So you've been double good.
If we go on like this, maybe in a couple of weeks...
we could finish, what do you think?
With that in mind, what are your views on
some civilized recreation?
Think of something. Use my name.
- Lazybones.
- What?
I work like a deep diver.
18 minutes a day.
And that's the way they lived.
They had no money...
but they had a very little...
... elephant.
After you.
The car of the French
military attache, please...
The car of Bulgaria's
military attache, please...
The car of the Ambassador of Sweden, please...
The car of the Ambassador of Japan, please...
The car of HRH the Princess of Cambodia, please...
And what will be
your royal majesty's pleasure?
I will follow your pleasure, sir.
- Let's go to a certain place...
- Let's go to a certain place.
-... that's so amazing because...
- So amazing because...
-... it's always fun and full of new faces...
-... and it's always...
-... somebody's birthday.
But first we'll call.
It's not necessary
to call the certain place.
- As was remarked by...
-... one of the greats.
- Are you firm in your decisions?
- Yes.
I think old dances will
become fashionable again.
- Like candlesticks.
- Do you save money?
- All my life.
I'll put "no".
Have you

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