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Whatever they think,
Whatever they try,
Whatever they make,
Out of whatever you imagine
Spread your nets,
Guess their intentions,
Guess their conclusions,
Just don't stay still.
No time to sit idle,
The fortune can change its mind.
The desires of the human race
are so limited.
Extract your conclusions
Out of tin or gold,
Out of your nets and slough,
From young or old,
From ancient or new,
Skillfuly or not
Extract the gold,
Extract the gold,
Gold, gold,
Get your gold!

Enough, segnora, you're in Russia,
Please speak Russian!
The the Great Master expects this of you!

I am not can this do!
My head is not remember all of this!
No, it can.
A head can do anything.
Especially, if it's the head of the Great Master.
Am I right?
My head nicht...
- Russian language is not more complex than others.
- Absolutely.
Shame on you. Look at Margadon - he's a pure savage.
Even he did. Margadon!

"There is always use for studies",
"A girl should work hard",
"Don't spit in the well - you may need the water".
And "as they say".
Check the installation of the mirrors.
A head can do anything.
Lets start from the beginning again.
O, you all go to hell,
Concentrate, even softer, I beg you.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!
So, we begin.
It's an ordinary trick.
Just a sulfuric acid.
My name is Giuseppe Cagliostro.
The supreme hierarch of things.
I appeal to the forces of disembodied, the great
mysteries of fire, water and land.
I surrender myself to their power and conjure move
my incorporeal substance
from the current time into the future,
so I could see the faces of the descendants
living many years head.
- Glad to see you.
- Likewise.
I would like to ask you, my sir, about the faiths of
people gathered here
in Saint-Petersburg, of this date,
year 1780.
Are you ready to answer?
Please ask.
Are you ready to tell us the whole truth?
Well... All - not all...
What is your question?
Ask about me, count.
How long will my life be?
I'd love to read the lines of your life,
but it is not clear to me...
I just see number 19... For now.
And how do I interpret that?
The upcoming century, the 19th will receive you,
And I was stupid enough to prepare for my death!
Ask please if I should get married once again?
Count, please ask if I should sell the estate?
Count, how long will I live?
and so on and so forth
Ask about the turks.
When is the war going to be over?
He's moving.
Where's he going?
Where-where, to the future.
From the Most Serene Prince Potemkin I am
in junction to arrest Mr. Cagliostro
and transmit him to the office
for further questioning.
It's impossible. He's in the future.
We'll get him out of the future too. Not the first time.
Very fast, Jacob!
Hey-hey-hey! Fortissimo, mamma mia, hey-hey!
A visit to General Bibikov to discuss magnetism
A visit to the chamber-maid of honor Golovina regarding rejuvination and transformation into a virgin
No time.
Princess von Kisevettre,
making gold out of mercury.
I must warn you though,
we're out of mercury.
You're so merchantile, Margadon
You should think of the soul!
About soul? Soul... Soul...
Are you feeling better sir?
Yes, looks like.
Magician... How can we thank you?
No need! Thank the nature. The nature cures you.
I'm just a petty tool in her hands
A few more sessions, Ivan Antonovich,
and your malaise would have disappeared
But no! Urgent business makes me leave St-Petersburg
No way you could stay?
No, Warsaw expects me, Paris,
And what about papa?
There is one option but I'm afraid it could be misinterpreted
I can take with me one of the patient's relative.
I mean a relative.
This way I can cure my patient remotely
Through a related person.
This happened in my practice before, it was

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