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Запятнанная Репутация

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You mean to tell me you're
President of the United States
and you're banging some
22 year-old intern in the White House
and you ask her to keep her mouth shut,
and you really think she's gonna do it?
I mean, come on, give me a break!
Clinton. He should count himself lucky
she didn't go straight to Oprah.
Come on, she was overwhelmed by
Starr's team in that hotel room.
No, poor thing.
Eleven guys hitting on her?
- That's a gang-bang.
- Oh, right.
That's why she's talking to Linda Tripp.
She's talking to everybody.
She's part of that whole dopey culture.
Yak yak yak.
Oh, look, if Clinton couldn't
figure Monica Lewinsky,
then he shouldn't
have been president.
That's grounds for
impeachment right there.
- That's true.
- You're right.
I'm telling you,
if he'd just fucked her.
That's the way you
create loyalty.
- Yeah.
- That's the way.
But you know what Kennedy would
have done to her? Or Nixon?
They would have told her,
Not only are you not gonna work,
you're not gonna work ever again.
And your father's gonna be out of work.
And your mother. And your brother
Everybody in your family is
not gonna make one more thin dime
unless you keep your mouth shut.
Well, but Clinton plays it like a lawyer.
That's why he didn't want to come.
Hey, when he came,
he was finished.
Smoking come.
Nineteen ninety-eight was
the summer of sanctimony.
After the fall of Communism and
before the horrors of terrorism,
there was a brief interlude when
the nation was preoccupied by cocksucking.
This is Coleman Silk, powerful Dean
of Faculty and professor of Classics
at Athena College in western Massachusetts.
Educated at NYU and Oxford
Coleman taught in England before
returning to the U.S. To become
One of the first Jews to teach in
a Classics department anywhere in America.
When he was appointed Dean of Athena,
Coleman took the poulky
sleepy-hollow type college
and dragged it, kicking and screaming,
from mediocrity to excellence.
Of course, in the process,
he made a good many enemies.
Sing, O Gods,
of the wrath of Achilles
And finally, "the persecuting spirit"
caught up with Coleman.
All of European literature springs
from a fight, a barroom brawl, really.
And what was Achilles
so angry about?
Well, he and King Agamemnon
were quarrelling over a woman,
a young girl and her body
and the delights of sexual rapacity.
Achilles, the most hypersensitive
fighting machine
in the history of warfare.
Achilles, who, because of his rage
at having to give up the girl,
isolates himself defiantly
outside the very society
whose protector he is and
whose need of him is enormous.
Achilles, has to give up the girl.
He has to give her back.
And that is how the great imaginative
literature of Europe begins,
and that is why
three thousand years later,
we are going to
begin there today.
Miss Cummings, Tracy Cummings,
can you tell us
Still not here. Okay.
Mr. Thomas, William Thomas.
Is he here?
We're five weeks into the semester
and I haven't even laid eyes on these folks.
Can anyone tell me, do these people exist?
Or are they spooks?
Were you aware, Professor Silk,
that Tracy Cummings and William Thomas
are African- Americans?
How could I be?
I've never seen them.
But you are aware of
the connotation of the word "spook."
Ghost Professor Roux. Ghost.
I was referring to
their ectoplasmic character.
Here is the, uh, first definition
of the word. I quote
Spook, Informal
Ghost, Spectre
But, Dean Silk, let me remind you
of the second definition
I'd never laid eyes on them.
How could I know they were black? Hmm?
All I did know was
that they were invisible.
they have lodged a complaint.
Miss Cummings was devastated.
Now the issue here
These students have
never attended a single class.
Do they exist or are they spooks?
Consider the context.
- But, Dean Silk
- I've not finished!
The only issue is the nonattendance
of these
Запятнанная Репутация

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