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My brother wants to know
if you have used liquid MDMA?
It is a word in capital letter.
- Yes.
How is the boy?
It is well.
It is very well.
When we are going to do this?
After saying.
It is well.
This you sends it you?
- To you that it matters to you?
you do not move
it was looking for a bath.
Nor a word.
Do not speak Farsi, no,
you goat son?
Quiero to speak of the goat,
and an Emir,
what is an Emir
in any case?
He is a king.
- A king?
Good, then a stupid king,
has to a king in the buttock.
Each company in the world,
the chaos of the extension.
they do It like games,
and we are here.
an investment.
This can be very good
for this company.
Tengo the image
in the head,
right here.
The lawyers are seeing
the investment,
and the government of the EE.UU
has I decide to inspect.
Mr. Janon brought
a friend,
to speak of strategy.
I feel like in Switzerland.
Them memory to all in this room,
that have their confidential agreement.
that all we have potentials, in
which we agreed,
Voy to present/display to my Bennet partner
Holiday to them.
It will be in the construction of
the partnerships.
you have visited the most prosperous
company in America.
And what that the government creates?
Tenemos to see, because
this caused chaos,
and caused this case
in the Middle East.
Now the work is to find
the problem,
and to look for a solution.
If you do not find the problem,
then there is no it.
and when the government approves
my house will be better.
lncluso perhaps yours.
we go Here again.
you do not play in the table,O.K?
- Yes.
Yes that you have.
you have, single cometelo.
I want bacon.
- I also want.
you do not say it.
- I treated It.
I cannot bite this.
- Good, you must do it.
How you did this?
Good, I.
- Please callate.
an agreement, two companies of petroleum
are carried out in Houston.
and the company related to
the company
Killen will become the
greatest producer
of gas in the world.
Afectara 37 thousand workers and
160 countries and countries like
will create bigger
company 23.
Mr. Janus de Connex
today spoke of health and
the designs to save the consumption.
The corporations will create
a company for
The one of necessity are created,
to create the fusion,
after the gas
thought about the Chinese partnership.
The producer nations continue
speaking of the chaos in the prices.
Our position is to leave to
the market with minimum %
to the market.
The protests in will lran,
strikes in Venezuela,
and those that make noise by
the Russian troops.
Creo that your work is
This it is the best work
than it is possible to be had.
- Dile that it masters.
- I love you papi.
I cannot.
Somebody must go.
It is the birthday of Max.
Necesitas helps in that?
a celebration.
It is much for me,
the Emir.
good looking You thousands to that
it cannot sell it.
Swiss Dollars or francs?
The children can go with you.
small vacations.
Found in the university of
Encontramos a good
the Connex company/To - Satwa is
under a new owner,
and no longer require
their services.
What said?
I cannot hear.
it says that revolquemos us to Us.
Revolcar to us?
What is what you mean
Its permission of immigration
no longer is valid.
They must be reported to the Department
of lnmigracion within 2 weeks.
.or they can be deported.
The Chinese are people ready,
but bad conductors.
one would not be due to allow them
that nor they will wash the cars.
When it had your age in Pakistan,
it always had in the distance
Thus it is.
Three hours of distance,
but are there.
furrowing the sky.
as if you could reach
them and touch them.
As soon as we pruned
we will have a house and we will bring
to your mother for here.
I promise It.
Where is the missile?
Acabo finishing convincing
so that everything follows equal.
Who says that no?
This must

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