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"This is Angry Bob, the man with
the industrial dick!"
"Coming at you loud and clear
on W.A.R. Radio."
"Rise and shine folks
it's a beautiful day."
"Just look at that sky,
it's a work of art!"
"Nature never knew colors like that.
When you look at it, be sure to wear your shades!"
"The radiation count is way up
and the heatwave ain't expected to let up either."
"Wheatercontrol tell us it will probably hit
110 downtown, before nightfall."
"As for the good news...
There is no fucking good news!"
"So let's rock with one of our golden oldies..."
New York Max,
that's the place to make it now.
You're talking 9000 tons of steel, 4000 tons of
aluminium. 5-6 million miles of copperwire.
kitchen appliances, typewriters.
audio gear, tons of autoparts!
Works of art, hanging in the galleries
Just hanging there, waiting to be plucked.
Clothing, tupes, bridgework, false teeth,
prostetic limbs...
You name it, New York has got it all.
No one is going to repopulate The Big Apple,
not with the rat count the way it is.
You know, stuff is just going begging!
Salvage City, Max...You'll love it.
Don't call me Max.
Well, well well. Hard Mo Baxter.
Taking a little vacation?
Is this authorized?
What do you care?
Nothing that comes in here is authorized.
Oh, untrue. I'm primarily legitimate now...
Maybe we should go elsewhere then Alvy?
No, no, wait untill I get my glasses!
Are you sure? We can go somewhere...
No, no, just wait...
That Alvy...
He kills me every time.
My back.
Where is the little man?
He's indisposed...
You pushing something?
See what his shit is.
Let me see.
Where did you find it?
Glass flats, Judas sea,
looking all over.
I give you 30.
50...Is that alright?
I knew you'd see it my way.
Merry Christmas.
What the fuck was that?!
A zonetripper.
I've seen his type...
The whole sea is full of them.
Who was that?
Someone looking for the bathroom, come on!
I put my boot in his ass
and sent him on his way.
Why don't he piss in the street,
like everyone else?
Show me!
Where did you get this?!
Out in the zone, what do you think it is?
Probably a maintenance droid.
Stepped on a fragmine I guess.
You think so?
It's not alot I can do with this.
It's got good visual circuits, infrared...
Unusual microgear...
I give you 30 c's cash in hand.
30 c's...You are a generous man
but I think I will hold on to it.
This is junk,
what are you gonna do with it?
It's christmas eve Alvy, you should know that.
You used to be an elf, didn't you?
You can't expect me to go back to
my girl empty handed, can you?
You don't know my girl...
How much for the other stuff?
10 c's is as high as I go...
Yep Alvy, your as high as you ever gonna go.
Can't help it if mother caught a dose in the big one.
Come on.
You just wait. All those years out in the zone
your kids will make me look like narcissis.
"Hey, hey folks! Rise and shine."
"I got an update here on the conflict we all know and love."
"The deathtoll from last nights violation
of the christmas ceasefire is still rising."
"It currently stands at around 578,
with the counterattack now well underway."
"I send this message of holiday cheer
to all of you:"
"Kill, kill, kill!"
Yo, hey miss Wakowski.
Vernon, the sonofabitch was at my door again.
I don't know. I didn't see him, he just keeps ringing my bell.
Then how do you know it's the same guy?
Vernon, it is.
I couldn't see anybody
Yes...that's what worries me.
Let me speak to Chief
He's out on his rounds.
Don't worry miss Wakowski,
we'll keep our eyes peeled.
Listen Vernon I...hey!
I've got a delivery coming up this morning.
Be sure you let him up this time.
Will do.
"As planned, the emergency population control bill..."
"will take affect at midnight, on the first of the year."
"Eager citizens are already lining up
at sterilization centers."
"Wich will be opened around the clock
to aid in the transition"
"to what the President terms:


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