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Lubov Tolkalina
You are on. What do you do?
Evgeny Koriakovsky
I am thinking where to go after work.
Damir Badmaev
But I wanna earn a lot more.
Hey, how much do you earn?
Director of Photography Alexandr
Simonov - Do you hear me? - Yes!
- Where did you get such a suit?
- I bought it, you jerk!
Show me your face...
Art Director K. Vitavsky Costume Disigner A.
Nefedova - Do you have a girlfriend? - Not yet.
Gimme a pie.
M usic by Richardas Norvila - Any
love affairs at work? - Nope...
A film by Olga Stolpovskaya, Dmitry Troitsky
As if our muscles were made of steel.
YOU I LOVE How old are
you? Hello we can't hear you.
Any work coming?
Any work?
- Guys, any work coming?
- None, Buddy.
Authorities are taking measures
against the growing number
of illegal workers.
They are detrimental
to Moscow's budget
They are responsible for
11% of all crime in Moscow
Stay tuned for our next edition.
I am Vera Kirillova. Good Bye.
Thanks everybody. We have it shot.
450 rubles
My purse has vanished.
Sorry, I saw it being stolen.
I thought it was your friend
May I get this for you?
Add it up together.
Thanks. I owe you.
Allow me?
That was almost all my salary.
- What's your name.
- Timofei.
N ice to meet you.
- Will you come here tomorrow?
- Yes.
I'll give you your money back.
...a third day of battle
against pests in the U ral region.
Masses of locusts
threaten the grain harvest.
Medics say locusts are
carriers of an unknown virus.
Which has been registered
in the south of the region.
Next in our program...
Freedom! What is freedom?
Freedom is Cola!
- Aren't you agile.
I'll be a circus artist.
Life's a bastard.
I didn't get into college.
How am I going to return
to my parents now?
- I've come to return the money.
- Allow me to treat you.
Well, what's the news?
Do you like your job?
Yeah, but it's exhausting.
My friend worked at
the stock exchange
and his virility depended
upon the value of dollar.
Sometimes, he was basically impotent,
not like me, of course.
- Stressful job, it sucks.
- Everyone has a stressful job.
- What do you do?
- I do that.
Want something special?
Order a pizza!
- You make pizzas?
- I n some sense.
I created this commercial.
Will you have dinner with me tonight?
- This is all we have
- Never mind the tip...
What's that machine from
which people take money out?
There's this box with a TV on it
and people approach it
and take out money.
- What machine?
Right there on the corner.
See how much money there is!
You gotta have a card to stick in there.
I tried to stick my card in there,
but nothing happened.
And you gotta know the code too.
Don't you know the code?
- Oh, you're a young one still!
Is it so important for the box?
I've an uncle who lives in Moscow.
He's a driver.
So why doesn't he help you?
I'm ashamed to go to him.
He'll think I'm latching onto him.
I'll earn some money and
then invite him over.
- Where are your parents?
- Well...
They have gone to live
to another country.
And what about you?
I have come back. I love Russia.
I do too.
If life ever delivers happy news,
that was it.
I felt Timofei could understand
and share my secret passion
which gave me no peace...
I have to tell you...
I lose control over myself...
I want to eat all the time.
I'll be back
I will be in...
I'm coming!
I have to go.
- Is something wrong?
- You didn't like it?
- I did!
- No?!
- No, everything is ok!
I just have to go to work.
If he's found, this one. If not, that one.
- Hello.
- It's me. How are you?
- I'm not coming today.
- Tell me the truth.
- We've a problem on our hands.
- What happened?
- One big bug disappeared
- I can't even tell you
He went fishing and never come back.
If he doesn't turn up,
we'll have special reports.
U ntil they find him.
Yes, I'm ready. Sorry,
I'm not speaking to you.
Hey, I'm losing you...
- Hi.
Sorry, someone disconnected us.
I hate

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- Franz+

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