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Токийская ночлежка

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Wait here, the two of you.
Will you let me work here?
I'm a good worker.
I came all this way...
I'm sorry!
How was it?
I wonder why you can't make it.
Lots of factories around, but...
Aren't you hungry?
What about you?
Got a stomachache?
I'm really hungry!
Dad, 40 sen!
Bring stray dogs, and
earn 40 sen a dog.
Brother, nice cap, isn't it?
We'll get a dog and buy one.
With dogs
it means you can get a meal.
How much have you got?
6 sen.
1 sen.
Where shall we go tomorrow?
What about the Sunamachi area?
Tomorrow you'll make it.
That gateman was awful.
Dad should've knocked him out.
Tomorrow we'll make it.
That gateman was bad.
Dad should've knocked him out.
You wait here.
I bought this.
Dad'll be angry.
The dog meant a meal.
I'll let you wear it, too.
It suits you.
He bought it with the dog.
That was very foolish.
Get dogs so we can eat.
Aren't you hungry?
You all right?
Don't cry.
What do you want to eat now?
A big rice cake.
Something more expensive?
Rice with chicken and eggs.
Anything will do.
What about Dad?
I want to drink.
No chance for a talk.
We sure walked a long way.
Shall we look for dogs tomorrow?
No use trying at the factories.
Can we stay here this evening?
I've got no money.
I shouldn't have bought this.
We'll make it tomorrow.
You asked them so politely, but...
Don't blame the gatemen.
What do you feel like eating?
You want to drink again?
Let's drink.
Nice sake, isn't it?
Some dried cuttlefish.
More sake.
You're happiest when you're drinking.
Dad, use a bigger one.
There's more. Drink up.
Don't spill the precious sake.
I threw the money away.
Let it go!
I feel wonderful.
Want some rice?
Get him some rice.
Pour tea over the rice.
Excuse me. How do we get to Sarue?
Children become friends quickly.
You stayed at that inn last night?
You've got no home, either?
Isn't there a good job for me?
I'm looking for one myself.
It's hard on you, with your girl.
But she's the one who keeps me going.
Children are lovely.
Do your best. I wish you good luck.
I'll try that place.
Come after me later, you two.
You carry it.
You carry it.
You were told to do it.
Then I'll leave it here.
It's not my business!
Not mine, either!
I don't care.
Me neither!
Dad'll get mad.
It's not my fault.
Dad'll really get mad.
Shall we stay at an inn without eating?
Or shall we sleep here after eating?
Which do you prefer?
We'll eat and stay at an inn!
Which is better?
It's started raining.
We can't stay in the field.
Why didn't it start raining earlier?
We could've gone to
an inn before eating.
How much?
30 sen.
Not enough?
Why did you lose the bundle?
Mind the cold.
It's pouring.
Isn't that Kihachi!
Long time no see.
How have you been?
Drop in at my place.
Is this where you live?
We just ate here.
Thank you!
I shouldn't have paid.
You've grown, haven't you?
Remember me?
(And you are five now!)
You still look young.
So do you!
How is your wife?
She's gone.
What happened?
I don't know myself.
What about that these days?
I quit.
Me, too!
What are you doing now?
As you can see.
What are you going to do?
Isn't there a job for me?
Can't you help me?
Shall I look for one?
I won't ask for much.
You'll be late for school.
Go to the factory!
Wake up!
Please take care of them.
You haven't found a job yet?
Not a chance for me.
Don't give up so easily.
I was in real trouble, too!
But things went more smoothly
than I thought.
I hope it's the same with me.
Have you eaten?
I'll buy you some food. Then.
Why don't you come, too?
Just come with us.
Will you give this child some food?
That woman, too!
And charge it to me!
I go to school.
What grade?
Grade 4, Class 3.
I'm sorry for all the troubles!
Do you know that woman?
She's looking for a job.
Shall we play again in the
Токийская ночлежка

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