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The battle between Heaven
and Hell has waged eternal,
their armies fueled
by souls harvested on Earth.
The devil, Malebolgia, has sent
a lieutenant to Earth...
to recruit men to turn the
world into a place of death...
in exchange
for wealth and power...
a place that provides enough
souls to complete his army...
and allow Armageddon to begin.
All the Dark Lord needs now
is a great soldier,
someone who can lead his hordes
to the gates of Heaven...
and burn them down.
Like him,
I killed in the name of good,
but the violence of my life...
pulled my soul
towards the darkness.
But I fought and freed my soul.
Now I watch for others like me.
Men are the ones
who create evil on Earth.
It is
the choices they make...
that enslave their souls
to Hell.
This is the test.
The leader of the Algerian
Revolutionary Front...
was killed yesterday along
with 26 innocent civilians...
in a vicious rocket attack
in Hong Kong.
There has been an outpouring
of anti-U.S. Sentiment...
sweeping across the globe.
Protesters in Libya, Bosnia,
France, Moscow...
and the United States...
are denouncing...
Simmons is the best.
Simmons is not the problem!
He's overseas
killing the bad guys...
like the hero he thinks he is.
We made a deal, Wynn.
Where the hell...
is the ultimate weapon
you promised?
This isn't a game we're playing.
Engineering a biological weapon
is an exact science.
You want it done right,
you do it my way.
This five-year plan of yours
just chaps my buttocks.
I'm making you a guarantee.
Just keep certain agencies
off my back...
and make damn sure I get
all that I've been promised.
If I say you're the man,
you're the man.
You do for me, in no time
you'll be running this place.
When the big piata breaks,
you'll get it all.
Just make sure you keep
your end of the bargain.
There's one more item
on our "to do" list.
It requires
your personal attention.
We need you to help recruit
a very special soldier for us.
Your all-time favorite killer,
Al Simmons.
Simmons? He's doing a great job
where he is.
Why do you want him?
Why do you people
always question?
Why ask "Why?"
When "How?" is so much more fun?
Oh... not again.
- Wanda, do me a favor.
- Yeah?
Buy your man a watch.
He's on his way out.
Do me a favor.
What's that?
Make sure he's back
for dinner tomorrow night.
I'll do my best.
Make sure he's back
for dinner, Terry.
Yes, ma'am.
Hey, Spaz.
Same routine, all right?
Guard the house. Guard Wanda.
Great guard dog.
Al, what happened last night?
Look at this.
What a friggin' mess.
We were supposed
to take out bad guys,
not innocent bystanders.
Another Jason Wynn special.
What do you mean?
An awful lot of Wynn's ops
have screwed the pooch lately.
Don't worry, Al. Lighten up.
I got your back.
Semper fi.
Good to go.
All right.
I'm going to
keep my eye on Wynn.
Vehicle secure.
The airport kill zone...
was supposed to be clear
of civilians.
An unfortunate
but necessary sacrifice.
You want someone
filling body bags, send Priest.
If you can't handle it,
I will.
I will send whoever
wherever I choose.
You will follow orders
and do your job.
Got a problem
with that, soldier?
Yes, I do, sir...
and I want out.
I always knew
you'd lose your nerve.
You don't quit us, son.
We are not
the U.S. Postal Service.
Have you read
your profile recently?
You are a borderline psychopath,
perfect for government service.
No guilt, no fear.
You're a killing machine.
- You're wrong about me, Wynn.
- Am I?
Have you
stopped to consider...
that you won't be happy
doing anything else?
I made up my mind.
Nothing I can say
to change it?
I'll arrange
for your transfer...
right after we've run
this last operation.
North Korean refinery secretly
producing biological weapons.
It's up to us
to take out the plant...
and carefully destroy
all the biochemical viruses.
Come on, son.
This is top priority.

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