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Artistic Association
A Melodrama in Ten Parts
with Olga Voznesenskaya
Do you like my playing?
Yes, darling, of course I do.
Hey! Light!
So stuffy with your breathing!
Everyone present your documents!
There! There he is!
It will all be cleared up.
It's a misunderstanding. Hello.
I've come to the cinematograph.
I heard about this film in Vinnitsa.
I'm from Vinnitsa, from the Margolin
plant. You thought I'm Margolin?
No, I'm not Margolin, not the owner.
You know it's because I'm nervous.
They grabbed and dragged me.
Try and put yourself in my place.
It's a misunderstanding.
Everything will be cleared up now.
We'll all laugh at that mishap.
I had a friend...
Rumyantsev, get him in the car!
Let's go.
You'd better watch out!
Directed by
Director of Photography
Production Designers: Alexander ADABASHIAN
Music by E. ARTEMYEV
Conductor M. NERSESYAN
Song Lyrics - N. Konchalovskaya
Song Performed by Ye. Kamburova
English Subtitles by
T. Kameneva
as Olga Voznesenskaya
as Victor Pototsky
Alexander KALYAGIN as Kalyagin
Oleg BASSILASHVILI as Yuzhakov
Konstantin GRIGORYEV as Fedotov
All right, Olenka,
face the camera.
Look into it. Great.
Mishenka, we need something
intimate here.
Good. Where's the revolver?
Here it is.
All right, the revolver is here.
Look in the window.
It's raining. Lightning.
There goes lightning.
Look again at the portrait.
Take a deep breath. Bite your lip.
Great! Now, a smile.
Well, something like that.
- The light's on. What do we do?
- Put it out.
A break?
- Milk.
- No, thank you.
- I'll go for a smoke.
- Yes, have a smoke, Mishenka.
It would be nice...
to have a title here.
I don't think we need it.
- What?
- I'll do it.
Do it...
Don't you see that everything
we're doing is just awful?
Alexander Alexandrovich, I can no
longer work without a partner.
I feel ridiculous, naked.
Besides, it doesn't conform
to Mr. Maksakov's style.
Alexander Alexandrovich, dear,
I can't do it without a partner.
Olenka, everything is all right.
Everything is wonderful, my dear.
When are they going to arrive at last,
can you tell me?
For how long must we wait?
Hurry up, for God's sake!
- Can I take a bath?
- Go ahead.
He grasped her with his two fingers.
He grasped her at what?
No, not this way! It's not delicate.
Oh, I feel hungry, and I want to lose
I want both.
Watch out!
Step back!
There they are.
I crumpled the scenery.
I'm sorry. Will you fix it, please?
- We'll fix it right away.
- Thank you. How's everything?
- Uncle Savva is here!
- Hello, my little ones.
No, this is for later. Hello, everyone!
How are you, Lyubov Andreyevna?
Thank you.
- Why aren't we shooting?
- We're out of film.
- What do you mean?
- We ran out of film.
Excuse me for a minute.
What do you mean, ran out?
Where did it go? You had enough
to last you through tomorrow.
It was made defective in laboratory.
Defective? Again? I'll have
its price deducted from your salary!
Can the temple of your love
hold out
if it's built on a slave's tears?
I can't even pronounce it,
the words stick in my throat!
Please, stop it, Olenka!
Don't say that, Olenka!
It's good, it's...
Victor Ivanovich, you tell her.
It's notjust good,
it's great!
Who are you to say that? Yourjob
is just turning the handle right!
Why are you always meddling?!
Defective, my God!
But I work on Sundays!
Mr. Pototsky,
I'm not going to say that rubbish
for all the money in the world.
- Why, Olga Nikolayevna?
- And Maksakov wouldn't do it either.
Olga Nikolayevna, what do you mean?
We've agreed on everything.
- And the director, Mister...
- Kalyagin.
Kalyagin. Alexander Alexandrovich?
He promised to make it sound warm

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