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A drop.
Shaped like a drop.
According to the shape of a drop.
Take care of my luggage.
The luggage!
What if I asked the teachers
to sing like tenors?
God forbid that they
sing out of tune!
Its inevitable to
sing out of tune.
What would they say about that?
The suitcase!
Its important
to have good regents.
Not Bruno Walter,
more like Knappertsbusch.
More like Knappertsbusch.
You didnt sleep well, Lisi.
Calm yourself and drink
some tea before you sleep.
You havent changed a bit,
my Fhrer.
What about you, Kennenberger?
Youre putting in some weight.
To run and make 50 pushes
a day would suit you well.
Yes, my Fhrer.
Even 60.
Ah, were getting old.
You are no longer a child,
nor am I a young man.
This isnt important, my Fhrer.
Old trees bend...
but never break.
But we must retire and
give room to the younger ones.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Its a pleasure to see you.
And you! You!
I cant find the words.
What a classical beauty!
A pure and perfect beauty,
my Fhrer.
Watch your tongue, Martin.
Are you an expert in
classical studies?
No, my Fhrer.
In archeology,
history or linguistics?
No, my Fhrer.
Certainly not.
You are neither an archeologist,
nor historian, nor linguist.
What do we have here?
She delivered them right before
you arrived, my Fhrer.
What do we have here?
They are cute, my Fhrer.
- Take them away!
- Yes, sir!
Hurry! I told you
this wasnt the best moment.
What a terrible way
to start the day!
How are you, Eva darling?
Hello, Magda.
- Lift!
- I brought magazines.
The luggage!
From Berlin and Europe.
For you.
- Did you have a nice travel?
- It wasnt bad.
No risks. Except for
the passage by the ravine.
The Fhrer wanted to explain...
the characteristics of
the mountain goat.
But he wasnt able to make
any observations.
A tire blew out that very instant.
My compliments, Miss Eva.
Its a pleasure to see you.
Adi seems tired. Is he okay?
A volcano! Filled with ideas.
All original, unique.
I cant understand them.
- Youre a fool.
- I wont argue.
I dont see the need to use
goats in enemy territory.
Ill explain when were alone.
Looks like Adi is
completely exhausted.
Is he not well?
Its Martins fault.
He has a weird smell.
The Fhrer is very picky
about scents.
He stinks like mustard gas.
He is so rude.
He stepped on my feet
to be closer to the Fhrer.
Just look at that.
Stinking like mustard
gas near the Fhrer?
I dont believe the prudent
Martin would do such a thing.
Smell him yourself.
Go behind his back and smell him.
Pickers things in room 12,
Goebbels in room 31.
Im on the third floor.
- What is it?
- Nothing.
Whispering around me?
All of you.
Not a word about politics
on the table.
Was I clear?
No east front, my dear Josef!
Well relax today.
Mountain goat!
Excuse me?
Come, Josef.
Hang up.
Hang up!
Our textile industry is awful.
Your uniform is lusterless.
Your clothes are wet.
Cant we buy English fabrics?
Or at least Italian?
How are you going to solve that?
The problem is not
with the uniform.
Its the water that runs
from all over the body.
You look like your mother.
- Dont touch me. Im dying.
- No.
You wont die. I wont let you.
You are young. You dont know
which disease I have.
The body doesnt work.
Something is not functioning inside.
I want to move my hand, but I cant.
My legs refuse to run.
Life and water
escape from the body!
The trip wore you out.
You need to eat and rest.
I have cancer! Stop! It hurts!
You dont have cancer!
Youre faking it! Quit moaning!
Moaning? Me?
Yes, you are moaning!
Theres nothing wrong with you!
Hysteria! Hypochondria!
Thats all!
Well... fine then.
Maybe I have intestinal problems.
No, you have none.
What about the defect
in my trachea?
No sign of it at all.
But the doctors diagnosed it,
didnt they?

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