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One the most dearest films for me is Dream.
It had been photographing in the eve
of Great Patriotic War
and had been finished on the night of
June 22th, 1941.
This film is dear to me.
To show on the screen such actors
as Ranevskaya, Astangov, Plyatt, Bolduman,
Kuzmina, Voitsik would be joy...
Michael Romm
It was in the years before reunion of the Ukranian lands.
Thousands of people from poor villages reach to towns
in the searching of happiness and job.
Break a leg!
Will you go through the village?
I will.
Oh God, save her!
Help her in town.
Stop crying.
The land is two morgue, you know.
The horse is dead, the family sows itself.
We have nothing to live on.
God, save her and help her to meet her brother
and find a job.
Anna have lived in town for 3 years.
In this town there are
5 kostels
2 prisons
4 mills
39 whorehouses
240 shops.
She had a lucky in this town.
Do you mind?
Excuse me, are you from Poznan?
I`m not  from Poznan.
So you are not from Poznan.
I am not from Poznan.
Maybe you are however from Poznan?
Excuse me, what would you like?
Black coffee as usual? Cold water?
Of course.
Beer - 63 bottles
Ham - 12 plates
28 herrings
Anka, where are your 2 zlotys?
Don`t understand why you keep her there.
Yesterday that guy came again,
he offered 3 zlotys for your place at cloakroom.
God be with you, Madam!
I get hardly only 2 zlotys!
Maybe do you want us to pay you?
Interesting to know how much landlady pay you
for cleaning your house.
Scoop at the kitchen and water from the tap.
- May I go out?
- Yes, you may.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Mister Yanek, good morning!
- Ms Anna!
- It`s cold.
Tell me why good cabman don`t have a lucky break?
I have good horse, good phaeton,
but have no passengers.
Good night!
Mister Lazar, don`t you sleep?
I don`t sleep yet.
Yes, I don`t sleep yet!
Mom! Mom!
50 groszes and 20 groszes, 70 and 5, 75,
75 and 10.
- Well, Anka, congratulate me!
- Congratulate!
- That`s all! The project is finished.
- Give me something to eat.
- There is only bread.
- Ok.
Will I see that factory?
Will see its buildings
Local railway
Will see its machines
Do you ever dream?
I do.
About what?
Would you like an onion?
I woudn`t. So do you dream about what?
About health and hapinness of all people.
And more?
For the father will buy a horse.
And more? Really.
With all your heart
when you don`t sleep at night.
Save up money
and get married.
And that`s all?
You don't call for much, do you?
You`re happy, nka.
Did you save up something?
2 zlotys.
Take and hide it.
How much your money do I keep?
70 zlotys!
70 zlotys.
You have a nice setup here.
You are lucky at the town.
70 zlotys for 2 years.
I got a luck too.
All you see around
was made by us.
We, civil engineers.
I have been supported by my mother for 15 years.
Nobody know me.
However exectly here
in that dumpy place
in that bum shop
mankind steps further forward.
Do you understand?
I do.
We carry it. I move its legs along.
Are you there?
I heard somebody`s voices.
I think where from the voices at 4 a.m.
What are you talking about with servant?
I don`t understand you.
I finished the project.
I have done better than Americans.
Oh, I have been listening that for 15 years.
Why have boots not been cleaned?
- I have just came.
- Who asks you to answer?
You are given a rebuke. Listen and don`t talk.
What is it?
The tablecloth is dirty!
The dishes are dirty!
Find another fool to work for nothing.
What are you saying?
Work and work and the result is only zloty.
It`s impossible with these villagers!
What does she think, what does she speak,
what`s in your head?
What`s in the head, what`s in the pocket,
what`s in the stomach.
She need to know all things!
At evenings occupants of "Dream" play bingo.
How much?
For a wonder
since I became a cabman I got no

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- -200
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