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2006Oh, thank you very much.
Uh, may I trouble you
for a pillow?
Great. Thank you.
Excuse me.
I guess we're going
to be a while.
Ha ha ha!
You're funny.
The temperature in Miami...
is currently 86 degrees
and muggy.
We will be starting
our descent for landing...
in just a few moments.
Herman Gotlieb...
Please remain seated
with your seat belts on...
until the captain has
turned off the seat belt sign.
All passengers
holding tickets...
to Eastern Flight 162
to Tampa...
please come
to the ticket counter.
Wow! Thanks.
All passengers leaving
on Flight 266...
please go directly
to the check-in desk...
at Gate 6.
All passengers leaving...
Please go directly
to the check-in desk...
Hi there.
Going home?
I'd like to tell you
about a book.
It's a classic
of the Vedic literature...
"The Knowledge of God."
Have you seen
the movie "Gandhi?"
My name's Ravindra.
What's your name?
Mr. Gotlieb...
You know,
anything you want.
Hey, send me up
a girl, Pablo. Now.
You got any
of that hundred...
I gave you last week?
I got all of it, man...
but I'm not lending you
no more money.
Come on, Blink.
Look. 50 bucks
till payday.
Moseley. Homicide.
A what died?
All right.
Right away.
I'll pay to find
the dumbbell killers.
What's it worth to you?
Thanks, Blink.
Hey, man,
replace your teeth.
Pablo sent me.
How old are you, anyway?
19...and my name is Pepper.
You got a driver's license
on you, Pepper?
What's wrong
with Susan Waggoner?
You know, Susie...
this license here says
you're 23 years old.
I know what it says.
You can call me Junior.
You around a size 7?
Uh, 6.
Sometimes 7.
Depends on...
Here. Try this on.
Could you turn
around, please?
Thank you.
Can you zip me up?
it looks nice to me.
You want me to wear it?
Fuck, no.
I want you to buy it.
50 bucks.
It might be worth a suck.
Is that what you're
getting for a suck...
these days, 50 bucks?
Where did you get
all these nice things?
Oh, when I left my wife
I took 'em with me.
Figured I paid for 'em,
they're my clothes, right?
You left your wife?
How long you been
working for Pablo?
Since the beginning
of the semester.
I go to Miami-Dade.
I...I'm majoring
in business...
but I also take
English classes.
Yeah, well...
the first thing they
should have taught you...
at your hooker classes...
is you shouldn't
ask the clients...
so many fucking
personal questions.
I'm sorry.
Are you going to call down
and cancel me now?
That's OK.
Don't feel bad about it.
Um, I hope, uh...
the next girl's
more to your liking...
and I hope that you enjoy
your stay in Florida...
Mr. Gotlieb.
I'm giving you
your dress back.
No, forget
about the dress.
did I upset you?
I'm sorry.
So you want me to stay?
OK, then.
Let's do it.
Turn over.
Is something wrong?
I haven't been
with a woman...
in a long time.
I'm sorry.
Nobody kisses us.
OK, Henderson, what's up?
These two Krishnas have
been working the airport...
for a couple of months.
Now they'd been warned about
bugging the passengers.
Should've listened.
How was he killed?
He fucked with some guy...
wearing a suede
leather sport coat...
so the guy takes
his finger...
bends it back, breaks it,
then disappears.
Now the witness lady says
she thinks that, uh...
well, he hopped on one of
the hotel courtesy vans.
We got a partial
Wait a minute.
The Krishna died
of a broken finger?
I mean, is that a homicide?
Well, I guess
he died of shock.
Well, it hurts like hell...
to have your finger
bent back.
My sister used to do it
to me when I was a kid.
Yeah, but you didn't die.
Now, if this
was an accident...
it would be
simple assault, right?
However...if the guy
in the suede sport coat...
knew that Krishnas
had a bad habit of dying...
every time you bent

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