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What are you doing? It's after 12.
Couldn't sleep, Pops.
Neither can we,
with the noise you're making.
Let's go inside.
Just one more shot?
All right.
Just one.
Good. Shoot it again.
Getting pretty good. Shoot till you miss.
You think if I can get good enough,
I can go to college?
If you get good enough,
you can do anything you want.
I want to play at North Carolina.
That's a real fine school.
You can get a good education.
I want to play on a championship team.
Then I want to play in the NBA.
All right, let's slow down, son.
Shouldn't you get some sleep first?
Once I've done all that...
...I want to play baseball, like you.
Baseball. Yeah, now, that's a sport.
When you've done that...
...I suppose you're going to fly?
At this time...
...I've reached the pinnacle of my
basketball career and must retire.
The one good thing is that my
father had the opportunity...
...to see me play my last game.
That means a lot.
What'll you do now?
I've never really told anybody this,
except for one person.
I'm going to play professional baseball.
What are you going to play?
I don't know. As a kid, I was a pitcher.
I think outfield,
because it'll be hard for me to pitch.
Let's get out of here. This stinks.
Don't bring me again.
Don't bring me again.
Are you listening?
Did you hear him? Did you hear him?
That little brat is right.
I told you, if I've told you once...
...I told you a thousand, thousand,
thousand, thousand times!
We need new attractions!
New ones!
Get it?
Big, shiny new things.
Absolutely, sir.
Look at me and listen:
The customer is always right!
The customer is always right!
Okay, we need something.
We need something...
Something wacky.
We need something, something...
Looney? Oops!
Looney. Thank you!
Yes! Looney!
Now you're talking!
Looney! Looney! That's it!
That's the word I was looking for!
Get the Looney Tunes.
Bring them here.
Sir, just noticing...
...they're from Earth.
What if they can't come?
What did you say?
What if they can't come?
Make them.
Make them!
We're gonna get them!
Looks good in that uniform.
Looks great. Can't teach that.
Can't teach it.
Thanks for autographing
that basketball for my kid.
I'm happy to do it.
Let's go!
Curve ball. Don't swing.
Don't... swing.
Fastball, outside corner. Swing.
That was your pitch.
I know, I missed it.
I'll get you another one.
Come here.
- I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-
- Come here!
Make sure that nobody bothers Michael.
I want him to be the happiest player.
Slider. Don't swing.
Strike three!
I told you not to!
I couldn't help it.
I know. Nice talking to you!
We're not worried.
Good cut.
That was a good-looking strikeout.
You look good when you strike out.
When I do, it looks nasty.
At least you look good. Good-looking.
Hi, Mr. Jordan.
I'm Stan Podolak.
Oh, jeez.
You okay?
That was a nasty fall.
I'm Stan Podolak, Mr. Jordan,
the Baron's new publicist.
I'm here to make your life easier.
Can I drive you somewhere?
You want me to pick up your laundry,
baby-sit your kids?
I am here to personally guarantee...
...that no one will ever bother you.
What was that?
Hang on!
- Hanging on!
- Hanging on!
Are we there yet?
- Bombastic!
- Cool.
You irascible bunny!
Come back here, you screwy rodent!
I'll be with you in a second, folks,
after I finish with nature boy here.
All right, you pesky rabbit.
I've got you now!
One small step for moi...
One giant leap for Moron Mountain!
And one whopper headache for Elmer Fudd.
Diminutive, ain't they?
We seek the one they call Bugs Bunny.
- Have you seen him?
- Where is he?
Is he around?
Bugs Bunny, Bugs Bunny.
Say, does he have great big long ears?
Like this?
Does he hop around...
...like this?
Does he say, "What's up, doc?" like this:
What's up, doc?
Nope! Never heard of him.
You know,

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