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Калина красная

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gmailIn the conditions of socialism,
every person
who left the rails of employment
can return to useful work.
Choir of former prisoners
will perform a mellow song Evening Bells.
Participants of the ensemble Bom-bom
are nearing the completion of their sentence.
Such is the tradition and we keep it.
Red snowball-tree
Screenwriter and director
Actors: Lydia FEDOSEEVA
Alexey BANIN
How do you plan to live now, Prokudin?
Well, that's obvious. Where will you go?
To her.
Who is she?
A penpal.
Luba Baykalova.
What does she write about?
Nice letters. She's inviting me.
Are you happy?
If I had three lives
I would spend one in jail, to hell with it.
Another one, I'd give to you.
And the third life, I'd live as I like.
But I only have one. So I'm happy.
And can you be happy?
Your ass is grass.
What's there to be happy about?
What is there to be happy about?
Well, I don't know.
If you can be happy - be happy.
If you can't - live like you can.
Stop here, bro. I just saw my girlfriends.
There they are, see? And I'm riding by.
I must go and see them.
See, they're crying.
Hi, auntie!
Are you still alive?
How are you, little bride? Tired of waiting?
What are you crowing for?
Wait, don't crow for me yet.
Why are you walking around, sit down!
How much does this machine cost?
Let's steal it and split the profit?
Heads up, comrade!
Where you're going, Nino?
What are you looking for, Nino?
Big-eyed Nino...
Spoiled my holiday.
Gonna leave my address, just in case.
Sharik, tell your Nino,
that I'm giving her a warning for now.
but in future there will be penalties.
Hello! Hi!
It's me - Grief.
I have nowhere to sleep.
I'm warning you - don't hang up,
or I'll come over.
I'm gonna make a bunch of flowers of you
and plant it outside, heads down!
Can you hear me?
What can I tell you. You are filthy bastards.
Get out of here, or I'll come out
and show you some grief.
Show you some grief and suffering.
What the hell. He just does not get it.
I'm asking you one thing, is Nino home?
Let her go out. Tell her, Grief came by.
I have an axe in my hands. Ask it to come out,
it won't refuse.
Should I set you on fire, or something?
- Try!
That note you left on the door...
I took it to the police. They'll get you.
Fool! There's a poem there.
Poem, and your fingerprints.
They'll send you back where you came from.
Indeed! Does not scare me!
Nino is not home, she's gone.
- Somewhere in the north.
Why didn't you say right away?
So hard to explain?
Because you piss me off!
She left because of the likes of you, with one of you.
Consider her to be in good hands.
So much for the feast!
Then let's check the crib.
Are there any more holidays, or not?
Of course there are, Grief!
My baby!
- I dreamed of you last night.
And what was I doing in your dream?
- Embraced me.
Did you confuse with someone else?
I recall one night in the spring ...
Glad you came out.
-I'm glad too.
The air was a little humid.
The train station was crowded with people.
Everywhere you look are suitcases.
People are anxious, everyone wants to leave.
And among all these anxious people
One man was sitting.
Look how many young people around here.
One elegant young person approached him
and asked:
"Why are you sad, bro?"
He answered: "I'm in grief. I don't know where to go"
Come on, Bernie, wrote a whole novel!
Then the elegant young man said...
They're calling to a Philharmonic while sitting
on the toilet.
Grief, let's perform our best number!
- Go, Lucy! Music!
Here's the minute that my sad soul was
waiting for.
Wait, Egor,
I'll calm down your soul
and I'll get calm myself.
I'll hold it close to my heart ...
The dove is tired.
Watch out
Калина красная

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