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attack  helicopter
Black  Shark
exhibition of the aircraft technology
scholastic centre of the troopses
of the special purpose
striking shoots
can I?
do it
Vasiliy, come here
it seems the last target you leaved for us
Vasiliy, can you do the same like she did?
I`ll try
Sergey, give me a weapon
children of russian officer do it that way!
rite of the sanctification of the weapon
russian warriors in antiquity had a custom to sanctify
weapon and panoply before a battle
for me today the blade is a symbol of weapons
and overcoat is a symbol of panoply
I understand what he talking about
during rite of the sanctification of the weapon
the russian warrior never took out blade completely
and kissed only small part of it
it  was a symbol of protection rather then fight
you want to fight?
no, but I am a warrior
Alexander, I want give you a mascot of soldier
it will save you
region "gold crescent"
"7"?, "7"? checkups place behind the mountain
I don`t like to climb on armour in mountains
maybe you will do it?
no, we lost one our helicopter
ok, we`ll do it
on our information there should be quietly
don`t worry, we`ll cover you
comrade major, somebody already drove through here
yes, I see
secret base in USA
first flight of the new russian helicopter
how did you get this tape?
this is a designer of that helicopter
at present, the machine passes the test
on border of Afghanistan
we are looking at this for a long time
I need your help, Harry
a help of the old hunter for a secrets
you know, I am not hunter anymore
I have my own business
helicopters it is just my favorite
they looks like celestial chariots
and they are very mystic
on exhibition I have understood
- we underrate russians
why they did not show their new helicopter?
you call it "cheater", right?
not in vain
I think that our analysts cheated us themselves
having named it "cheater"
it looks more like "werewolf"
I guess who hunts for this helicopter
no guesswork
just do it
yes, this is a really unusual helicopter
12 guided missle, complex on-board computer
and anti-tank armour
makes it horrible and unmoved enemy
take a look at this,
very powerful gun
so I have to catch this "bird"?
I would say fish, a shark
I like it, the "Black Shark"
and I will shot it with my harpoon
I entrust you, Harry
"3", go downwards and checkups that hills
okay, cover us
Oleg, get in touch with base and follow them
got it, everything under control
but seems it is peacefully here, commander
base, it is "7"... base?...
shit! battery is broken... base?...
listen our coordinates...
base of Karahan
(drug dealer)
good horse
master, horse is not detoured,
it is dangerous
very good horse
he will conquest by me
test aerodrome
central asia
how it is doing?
good, machine is great
critical height in mountains?
higher than expected
what about maneuverability?
like a bee
I think it is time to test it in war
I believe in that machine
you know what, I have some variant
tomorrow a colonel Askerov will arrive here
as a general designer
I wanted to test it in the battle
so I have taken his offer
but I have a no right to order you
it is dangerous
there is a war
you will have to fly without signs, secretly
so decision depend on you only...
I agree
except you there is nobody I can entrust
decision is accepted
good afternoon
this is Dmitry, our best test pilot
colonel Askerov,
main reconnaissance management
how long did you fly on this machine?
more than 1000 hours
is it hard to be alone?
no, we are like one integer
that is what we need
also, we have our own secrets
this is will help you in your mission
regrettably, our helicopters are
unable to fly in high mountains
do the enemyes has any air defence?
yes and it is very effective
with special system of air control
even more dangerously than "stinger"
so be careful
your target - a caravans with drugs
but more important it is

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