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Мимолётная фантазия

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"A geisha says she loves her client"
and he lies saying he'll come again
I fell for your honesty at first sight
I was so shy!
It's a shame to miss the main attraction
Story-telling for a kid is stupid
"Geisha Takao will come next month
Takao, in March"
Look at the barber
Forget your business, old man
"That was the true love of Takao
a geisha"
"Men yearn for love
Love is an emotional boat"
It's a wise remark
I hate girl-trouble
I hate money-trouble, but
welcome girl-trouble
Love is so elusive
Trust me and get married just once
You'll enjoy it
Have the bill charged to me
You must have been beautiful before
And now?
I can't be frank when I owe you money
Stop being curious, old man
Anywhere here I can stay?
Of course
I have a child, but no wife
Mind your son!
Homeless when you're so young?
I was at a spinning mill until yesterday
No relatives?
That's an old trick, huh?
Young men have no pity
What are you going to do?
She can stay here
Will that be any trouble?
If so, I'll handle it
Dad! Your work!
Don't nag your father
Always be filial to your parents
Don't your teachers tell you that?
Did you know why a hand
has five fingers?
With only four
it wouldn't fit into a glove
Very funny
Thanks for last night
I spoke to her and decided
she'll work here
I was drunk. Did I force her on you?
She's very nice
I'm a good judge of people
Sorry, but I choose only people I like
Everyone is so kind to me
You hear that? How sweet!
What grade are you in?
My name's Tomio Kimur
I'm in third grade
My son Tomio is very intelligent
With better manners
he'd top his class
Yes! He's too good
for a dumb father like you
I'm not as dumb a father as they say
Doesn't Tomio need lunch?
The school feeds him
He's a "stupid" without lunch
You'd be a "dunce" without lunch
How can I go to grade school with kids?
He'd be the school's prize dunce
I forgot to ask your name
It's Harue
What was that?
She reminds me...
I mean Harue
She looks exactly like her
Who? The woman who jilted you?
No, not her
Who? That little slut?
Act your age
Age doesn't matter
I'll get an advance from him
I want to buy a gift for her
Don't ask too often
If he refuses, so what?
How stupid he is!
Where did you find the girl?
She's like my daughter
You're one to protect your treasures
How could you keep her?
Anyone who harms her dies
You understand?
For whom does she powder her face?
Ah, how very sweet!
It's a terrible waste!
Let's get going
No, not today
I have a stomachache
Drop the act!
No one appreciates your play
I forgot it
My safety charm
I don't dare go anywhere without it
May he get to the factory in a hurry
My stomach hurts so
I prayed for recovery
I'd better be going now
You're dressed up, Kihachi
Where's the funeral?
You think I'm going to a funeral?
How ominous!
Not going to work?
I bought it for you
Keep it a secret
She gets jealous
Do you like me?
You're so very kind to me, uncle
Don't call me uncle
Do you prefer me to Jiro?
He sort of scares me
But he's nice when you know him
On second thoughts I'm even better
This one really costs a lot
But the world is highly complicated
May I have this?
Do you like soldiers?
High ranking ones?
Let's go to Jiro's place
It was messy, so...
How kind you are!
Don't act so friendly, huh?
No more photos of you in uniform?
She wants some
You're shrewd
You made the kid say sweet words
My friend is at your shop
Go back quickly
You won't return evil for good
will you?
I'm not jealous
but don't ridicule the man next door
He has a reputation, too
I'm not so mean a woman
He's so kind to me that
I regard him as my uncle
Why not regard him as a husband?
You'll never be able to know
...the way I feel
I'm afraid I don't have time
for guessing games
"But now, ever since the accident..."
Come to the restaurant
The madam hasn't seen you
for a long time
I don't want to be with that
Мимолётная фантазия

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