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over while crossing
the street and killed
Since then, he has stood in front
of our school, directing traffic
Crying when it's raining
lsn't that just a made- up story
that students tell?
Yes, l guess so
- Excuse me, White wine, please
- Yes, just a moment
Juk- ja asked a fortuneteller
if she would find a boyfriend
before she died
The oracle said
she would find
a boyfriend that winter
So Jin- ju asked
the same question,
and the fortuneteller said
Why don't you just
watch TV drama instead?
Being in love
is a nice thing, isn't it?
You don't get hungry nor cold
even when you don't eat in winter
You are right, We had
those days too, didn't we?
- Misuk
- What?
You know about Mina
Don't say anything
if it's about Mina
l've thought about it enough
But still, why isn't she
in the hospital?
There's no cure for her
So, why stay
in the hospital?
But there could be
a miracle
Miracle? Yes, there could be...
But l think it already was a miracle
that Mina has lived until now
Mina has been in and out of the
hospital since she was born
with operations and injections
all over her body
Now they say
there's no more hope
l can't make her
suffer more
for her few last months
You sure you won't regret it
after Mina's gone?
Then, l will drink cry
and l'll call you
Oh gees, you!
Are you watching that again?
lt's so embarrassing
Naked guys dancing like that...
l don't know where to look
Just don't look down there
How? l just keep looking there
Protruding... and so noticeable
l think l'm still a woman, too
l'm leaving
Lock your door
l'm sorry, did it hurt?
l'll get you some medicine
Look down here!
Hey! Look! Look!
Look down here!
Look right here!
Can't you see me?
Can l get a cigarette?
Take off your headphones
and look at me!
Will you give me a cigarette?
l'll pay you double
l just moved in downstairs
Shouldn't you say, ''Nice to meet
you'', or something like that?
Give me a light, too!
No lighter?
l'll return it as soon as l use it
This is interesting
lsn't it a navy insignia?
- Throw it to me
- Next time
l just moved
into downstairs
Nice to meet you
Oh, l see
Thank you about yesterday
l'll give it back to you soon
- Did you lend him something?
- Er...yes
lsn't he handsome?
You weren't looking
at his face, l guess
Come on, he's
exactly your type
You can have him if you
like him that much
Don't bs me
Oh, l got a present for you
in the back seat
A present?
- A cellular phone?
- Why, you don't like it?
Since this is your first time
l'll give you a break
lf you call me for no reason
l'll stop carrying this phone
The total is 29,000 won
lsn't it too warm to
wear a mitten?
Don't you have
any bag with straps?
Hey, trouble- making girl!
You look like an
exemplary student, though
Sneaking a smoke without your
mother knowing?
Give me my lighter back
Why, so you can smoke
secretly some more?
Why are you picking on me?
That's what guys do when they
find a girl they like
You know what, l studied
psychology a little
Human beings have a tendency
to solve problems unconsciously
So if someone makes you feel bad
you keep thinking about him
Like how school boys pull on
the skirts of girls they like
Those little kids
know that instinctively
lt's all in psychology books
Wasn't that on TV?
l saw that program, too
Huh? lt was on TV, too?
Oh, l forgot your
lighter again
Take this, instead of the cigarette
that l borrowed yesterday
No l want my lighter back
Hey, don't be such a grouch
This isn't just a candy, it's my heart
Hello my princess
Did you have fun today?
lcky... Am l a baby?
Of course, spilling things all over
Didn't you forget something?
Someone found it
and gave it to the janitor
Keep it safe
lt's expensive
Save my number and my restaurant
number in your phone
You can save up to
1,000 numbers on it
l don't even know 10 numbers
Aren't you
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