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I finally got it!
Hey, let me use it again
to light a cigarette
No way
Here, I'll light it myself
Where did you get that?
It's my father's
He didn't give it to me actually
Misuk was hiding it and I found it
Was he in the navy?
What kind of man was he?
We never talk about him
Misuk and I... felt that
we would get too sad
Hey I think I will feel awkward
whenever I go to pee
Because you'll always see me
Cold! Too cold!
You'll end up an alcoholic
if you keep drinking like this
I am Okay, okay
You seem worried
Why would I be worried when
I have such a pretty daughter?
My Mina... Will you live well
without me?
Why? Do you want to
marry again?
Will you?
Worry about yourself
I'll be fine
Yes, you'll be fine without me
Well... do you like the
downstairs dude?
I don't know! What kind of
silly question is that?
Tell me I'll help you
It's not like that
Then what is it?
It's just... He's fun to be with
and he's nice to me
How nice I should thank him
Mina... have a great time in Hawaii
There's no way I can repay you
but I can reward Mina, so I'll do
as much as I can for her
So you must help me
Help our Mina to
only have happy times
until she goes to you
Help me...
Kang Mina!
Hey, Mina!
You... your eyes are puffy?
- I drank some beer last night
- Alone?
You drank alone, too
Wow What a nice surprise
Oh, right, it'll rain today
Hold on, I'll get an umbrella
Mina, your umbrella!
Hey, excuse me
Can you call Mina, please?
- That girl?
- Yes
Something happened in the class?
That poor guy is pathetic
Losing his love
being left alone
Being crazy because of love
He seems like a happy person
Not everyone can have that kind of love
And he'll live with his love
forever in his heart
If I lie here like this
I can only see the sky
I feel like I'm on an airplane
You've never taken a plane
Do you think I can?
We will go to Hawaii soon
Isn't there a regular customer
in this restaurant who likes you?
Didn't you know? All the guys who
come here, come to see me
I mean it, someone who's serious
Someone who's nice
who you could marry
Now, with a little make up
you look nice
But what will you do
after you get old?
Children are no use
when you get old
What? Now you have a boyfriend
You don't need mom anymore?
It's just...
I think you'll be Ionely
after I get married and leave...
Don't worry
I worry
If you insist
I'll find a nice man soon
a rich and kind guy
Are you sure you'll
call him dad?
No way! I even call you
Misuk, not "mom"
I'll just call his name
Hey, Bubba! Like that
No! Never!
You will call him, Leonardo!
Nice, the smell of dawn
Are you sleepy?
Of course
I just fell asleep
- What?
- This...
This is a present for a good kid
who got up early
Take these too
Why? Don't you like them?
I don't need hostages anymore
Now, I trust you
Let's take a picture together
- Now?
- Yes!
Because I'm very happy now
Right this moment
I want a witness who'll testify
that I was happy
You, Neil, and Armstrong
all in a picture together
But looking like this?
Now is the best you've looked
since I've known you
Hurry! Hurry!
Mina! What are you looking for?
A sea turtle
Where is it anyway?
Why? You'll go to Hawaii
to see one soon, anyway?
Didn't you say it would be hard
to find one, even in Hawaii?
Of course, not all people can find
a sea turtle, but I will help you find one
No matter how difficult
So don't worry
The sea turtles aren't on display
They're having their regular checkups
Why so disappointed?
I'll show you a real one soon
One not locked up in a tiny Aquarium
but one in the real Pacific...
Let's get something nice to eat
Mina! Mina!
Mina! Mina!
That poor guy is pathetic
Losing his love
being left alone
Being crazy because of love
Now, I trust you!
I want you to take this back
I should've noticed something
was wrong from the beginning
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