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Hey Mina!
You really disappeared quickly
Why did you leave me alone?
The guard saw your
empty window
and treated me like a thief
You should thank me for
not shouting "Stop thief!"
Hello, ma'am How are you?
This is for you
Oh, I am sorry to
trouble you so often
You must be very tired?
Yes, I'm a little worried about
the young man downstairs
Single guys living along can be
crazy with girls and drinking...
It gets on my nerves
- I don't...
- Take care!
Oh, you leaving?
Take care!
You shouldn't
look down on them
I couldn't help you even if
they ran away
Don't you think they feel all
cooped up in a goldfish bowl?
They should get some
fresh air sometimes
Am I that pretty?
Well you have a disease too
A princess disease
Wow It's been a long time
since I saw this
What is it?
You don't know this?
It's the right- left- net game
By the way, Misuk and I
are going to Europe
Only two young girls together?
Oh, Misuk is my mother
You're so sassy
How can you call your
mother by her name?
Is she your stepmother?
I never heard this story
What are you some kind
of private investigator?
Oh no, You know how
the maid talks sometimes
Since I was sick and
in the hospital
instead of going to school
What's that got to do with
using your mom's name?
So I had no friends
The kids in my ward
were scared of my hand
By the time we got used
to each other
and became friends...
they'd have gotten well and
left hospital or they died
How about you?
I was in and out of the hospital
Once, after a big operation
I was in a coma for months
Even if I woke up
I just caught
some other disease
Do you know what my nickname
was among nurses?
The 13th- floor fixture
How about now?
Are you okay now?
- Yes, clearly
'- You, you're dead!
You're dead if you
step on the crack
I was always complaining about
having no friends
So one day
Misuk entered my room
wearing pigtails, holding a doll
And she said "Hi, my name is Misuk
Can we be friends?"
- What a nice mother
- I like her too
Good night
Why such a dutiful kiss?
Why are you complaining
when I'm so nice to you?
Wait a minute You look different
Not natural
Do you have a boyfriend?
You've been practicing your
kissing, haven't you?
What? Knock it off!Well, seeing you get angry
I think he must be real, Who is he?
I said there's nothing
to talk about
Anyway, good luck, Don't be too
difficult like you are with me
Be nice to him
I'm surprised
Hooking up with boys...
It's not like that!
Aquarius? Sorry, but you'll have
bad luck with boys all month
No way I've got
3 blind dates next week
Really? You know, I'm an expert
on juggling guys
Can't I go there
instead of you?
Why you?
I should go
Stop fighting What's yours?
Let's decide from the sign
I'm a Capricorn
You go! You've got
terrific luck with love
Of course!
- No way! It's the same sign...
- Hey...
Can I see the Zodiac too?
Lucky color- Orange
Lucky icon - Pink heart
Wow, your maid is
really a fantastic cook!
Did you take this picture yourself?
Yes, in Hawaii
I went there as an assistant
making a fashion catalogue
Hmm... not bad
It must be nice to travel
But Hawaii's a little stale
Hawaii is "stale"?
How about Europe, then?
I began to like Hawaii so much
after I visited there
So I studied about it, and now
I am an expert on Hawaii
I even studied
the Hawaiian language
Ohno means delicious
Thank you
is "mahalo"...
You always listen to
this song, don't you?
Yes, I like it
Don't you think the lyrics are
a bit too depressing?
Really? What do they mean?
Well, it's just...
Will Neil and Armstrong become
big like this turtle one day?
Hey, is this brain totally empty?
Hello! Anyone here?
This is a different species from them
Look here! Even where they live
This one lives in the sea but...
Neil & Armstrong live in a fish bowl
You're so ignorant
Then is that why you look ugly?
Because you're so
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