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ve never taken a plane
Do you think l can?
We will go to Hawaii soon
lsn't there a regular customer
in this restaurant who likes you?
Didn't you know? All the guys who
come here, come to see me
l mean it, someone who's serious
Someone who's nice
who you could marry
Now, with a little make up
you look nice
But what will you do
after you get old?
Children are no use
when you get old
What? now you have a boyfriend
You don't need mom anymore?
lt's just...
l think you'll be lonely
after l get married and leave...
Don't worry
l worry
lf you insist
l'll find a nice man soon
a rich and kind guy
Are you sure you'll
call him dad?
No way! l even call you
Misuk, not ''mom''
l'll just call his name
Hey, Bubba! Like that
No! Never!
You will call him, Leonardo!
Nice, the smell of dawn
Are you sleepy?
Of course
l just fell asleep
- What?
- This...
This is a present for a good kid
who got up early
Take these too
Why? Don't you like them?
l don't need hostages anymore
Now, l trust you
Let's take a picture together
- Now?
- Yes!
Because l'm very happy now
Right this moment
l want a witness who'll testify
that l was happy
You, Neil, and Armstrong
all in a picture together
But looking like this?
Now is the best you've looked
since l've known you
Hurry! Hurry!
Mina! What are you looking for?
A sea turtle
Where is it anyway?
Why? You'll go to Hawaii
to see one soon, anyway?
Didn't you say it would be hard
to find one, even in Hawaii?
Of course, not all people can find
a sea turtle, but l will help you find one
No matter how difficult
So don't worry
The sea turtles aren't on display
They're having their regular checkups
Why so disappointed?
l'll show you a real one soon
One not locked up in a tiny Aquarium
but one in the real Pacific...
Let's get something nice to eat
Mina! Mina!
Mina! Mina!
That poor guy is pathetic
Losing his love
being left alone
Being crazy because of love
Now, l trust you!
l want you to take this back
l should've noticed something
was wrong from the beginning
l thought it was a lot of money
just to spend time with your
daughter and take pictures of her
lf l take this money, it means
l met Mina because of money
l can't do that
lf l do that
l could never see her again
l am sorry really sorry, Young- jae
Unlike what most people think
Hawaii has distinct seasons
These distinctions are
clear to Hawaiians
lt is summer when the ripe
mangoes begin to fall
and when you smell
ginger flower in the wind
The signs of winter are the rains
and huge waves
that surfers love
The people who live in cool places
such as Kauai and Maui lslands...
gather by the fire
around Christmastime
Hawaii has a warm climate all year
Rainy from October to March
Dry from April to September
However, the weather changes
only slightly between seasons
so you can enjoy sunny skies
most of the year
You can often find sea turtles
along the coast
And the turtles are waiting
for Mina to come
to see them
Why don't you get some rest?
l'll stay here
Let's go, Misuk
What are we going to
talk about today?
Oh, yes
We'll go to the west beach
and see the ''green flash'' sunset
You can only see it on totally
clear day
at the last moment when the sun
sinks beneath the horizon
Some say it will give you love
Some say it grants wishes
What is this?
- ls that a real human hand?
- lt's creepy
Yeah, it's creepy
Let's go!
We've graduated
All the good seasons are gone
Now, what am l going
to do for living?
Whatever you do
just take care of yourself
Broken arms and broken legs...
So pathetic!
Should we commit some kind of
wild scam together?
- What?
- To make some money
l am so sorry
l know that l did
a terrible thing to you
Please understand it as a
selfish mother's love
and forgive me
And one more...
To my dear Youngjae who shared
the happiest time of my life
To my dearest Mom...
l know it
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