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you cold?
- l'm okay
l feel much better now
l was itching to go out
after staying inside all day
lt seems that you enjoy going
out a lot these days?
Hey, why don't you stand up
and push me?
l'm a patient
Right, you stay there
and l'll push you
Weren't you thinking l'd say that?
Stop nagging and push me
- ls this why you gave birth to me?
- Yes
How did you feel wearing
toe shoes today?
lt was okay
l think ballet isn't as elegant
as l thought before
lt's very hard work
That's why l didn't want
you to do ballet
They say 30% of ballerinas
are in chronic pain
So don't work too hard
And don't skip any of your medicine
And if you're feeling a little anemic
Boring, stop it
Okay, l'll stop
But please keep pushing me
lf you push me, l will take you
to Europe next month
Next month?
- What about school?
- You can skip it
That doesn't sound like
what a mother would say
How about going to Hawaii
instead of Europe?
Why? Didn't you want to go to
a ballet performance in Europe?
There's something l want to see
more in Hawaii
Really? Then we could go to Hawaii
lt'd be cheaper anyway
You know, l've been thinking
about it and...
l guess we don't want to go
as part of a tour group
Of course not
That's not our style
But it's dangerous for 2 pretty
young women to go by themselves
Especially as my beauty is so
well- known internationally
That's right
And if it's just us, we can't take
pictures of us together
Oh, you're right
Then maybe we should
take someone with us?
As a carrier and bodyguard
As a photographer and tour guide
Can you come with us?
- lt would be an honor
- Not you
My pleasure
- lt's done, now
- Thank you
You see? l knew
it would be great
That's because my face is pretty
- Now, your turn
- Oh, l'm...
Why don't you have
a seat anyway?
Please make it really pretty
l am a real genius to think of this
Such a great idea
lt's the first time for you
to have a manicure, right?
Pedicure, lt's for the toes
Give me a break
Whatever it is, this is the
first time for me too
Oh, my lighter!
l finally got it!
Hey, let me use it again
to light a cigarette
No way
Here, l'll light it myself
Where did you get that?
lt's my father's
He didn't give it to me actually
Misuk was hiding it and l found it
Was he in the navy?
What kind of man was he?
We never talk about him
Misuk and l... felt that
we would get too sad
Hey l think l will feel awkward
whenever l go to pee
Because you'll always see me
Cold! Too cold!
You'll end up an alcoholic
if you keep drinking like this
l am Okay, okay
You seem worried
Why would l be worried when
l have such a pretty daughter?
My Mina... Will you live well
without me?
Why? Do you want to
marry again?
Will you?
Worry about yourself
l'll be fine
Yes, you'll be fine without me
Well...do you like the
downstairs dude?
l don't know! What kind of
silly question is that?
Tell me l'll help you
lt's not like that
Then what is it?
lt's just... He's fun to be with
and he's nice to me
How nice l should thank him
Mina... have a great time in Hawaii
There's no way l can repay you
but l can reward Mina, so l'll do
as much as l can for her
So you must help me
Help our Mina to
only have happy times
until she goes to you
Help me...
Kang Mina!
Hey, Mina!
You... your eyes are puffy?
- l drank some beer last night
- Alone?
You drank alone, too
Wow What a nice surprise
Oh, right, it'll rain today
Hold on, l'll get an umbrella
Mina, your umbrella!
Hey, excuse me
Can you call Mina, please?
- That girl?
- Yes
Something happened in the class?
That poor guy is pathetic
Losing his love
being left alone
Being crazy because of love
He seems like a happy person
Not everyone can have that kind of love
And he'll live with his love
forever in his heart
lf l lie here like this
l can only see the sky
l feel like l'm on an airplane
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