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why didn't you come to
the hospital to see me?
Did you have to
bring me out here?
You don't even want to
set one foot in the hospital?
l even wish l could rip off your
nurse's uniform
No, not today
l'm wearing a cheap bra today
lt's raining
l don't have an umbrella
l have one l'll walk with you
to the hospital
Hey, you still don't
have a boyfriend?
Except for eating meat
l'm practically a monk, you know
Then you've never had a boyfriend?
Well, can l call them boyfriends?
Why do you ask
by the way?
Have you got a boyfriend?
No, l was just...
You really don't
need to feel insecure
Don't worry and do
what you want to do
There are no right answers
Follow your feelings...
- That's the right answer
- Okay
l'm sorry but some customers just
showed up without reservations
Let's go some other time
How about this flower? sir
- Over there!
- Okay
Gosh, l am late l've got to go
Talk to you later Bye!
- What are you doing now?
- Going home
What will you do at home?
l've got lots of time, ls there
anything you want to do with me?
l want sacks
What? Sex! Hello? Hello?
Well... that is...
After we've been
dating for a while
After we're really close...
l mean, when two people
really want each other
This is so embarrassing
but l should be considerate
Oh god... Uh, but if you want to
do it, l'm sure l'd be good...
No, l'm not
lt really sounded like that
And who call them
sacks these days?
The way you talk to me has been
disrespectful recently
Didn't you say you treat most people
like they're your age? Oh! My bus!
Oh my! What's this?
What am l going to do?
l'm so sorry
l'm sorry
lt's okay
Can't help it...
l apologize
Take off your glove
- lt's okay
- lt's all sticky
ls it ticklish?
lt may look strange
but it works fine
Blast all the humans with your death ray!
Hey, don't step on my head!
- What are you doing under my legs?
- Enjoying the view
Hey, are you hungry now?
Here's a donut for you!
Can't you do it better?
lt can't make up here
Hey! What are you
doing up there?
Hey Mina!
You really disappeared quickly
Why did you leave me alone?
The guard saw your
empty window
and treated me like a thief
You should thank me for
not shouting ''Stop thief!''
Hello, ma'am How are you?
This is for you
Oh, l am sorry to
trouble you so often
You must be very tired?
Yes, l'm a little worried about
the young man downstairs
Single guys living along can be
crazy with girls and drinking...
lt gets on my nerves
- l don't...
- Take care!
Oh, you leaving?
Take care!
You shouldn't
look down on them
l couldn't help you even if
they ran away
Don't you think they feel all
cooped up in a goldfish bowl?
They should get some
fresh air sometimes
Am l that pretty?
Well you have a disease too
A princess disease
Wow lt's been a long time
since l saw this
What is it?
You don't know this?
lt's the right- left- net game
By the way, Misuk and l
are going to Europe
Only two young girls together?
Oh, Misuk is my mother
You're so sassy
How can you call your
mother by her name?
ls she your stepmother?
l never heard this story
What are you some kind
of private investigator?
Oh no, You know how
the maid talks sometimes
Since l was sick and
in the hospital
instead of going to school
What's that got to do with
using your mom's name?
So l had no friends
The kids in my ward
were scared of my hand
By the time we got used
to each other
and became friends...
they'd have gotten well and
left hospital or they died
How about you?
l was in and out of the hospital
Once, after a big operation
l was in a coma for months
Even if l woke up
l just caught
some other disease
Do you know what my nickname
was among nurses?
The 13th- floor fixture
How about now?
Are you okay now?
- Yes, clearly
'- You, you're dead!
You're dead if you
step on the crack
l was always complaining about
having no
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