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going to answer it?
- Hello
- Hi, trouble- maker!
Wrong number
Hey, don't hang up!
l'm really sorry about today
Give me a chance to apologize
What number did you dial?
Oh, is your mother there?
- You got the wrong number
- Wait, hold on!
Open the window in an hour
lt's important, please!
Wow, this phone is so cool
l can take pictures, too
Mina... don't you want to
fall in love?
Misuk, wake up
Okay, here is a picture of
a crazy woman
When l was your age, that's
what l always thought about
Where l could find a hot boy?
Where l could find my love?
So was it successful?
Of course, My romantic life
was really prospering back then
My dating life was always
packed and croweded
lt was awesome
That's your problem, Misuk
confusing love and business
And you want to get
as much as you give
Real love isn't like that
lt's just being happy without
getting anything...only giving
You must have read too many
romance comic books
ln my opinion
Love is like this...
Someone you love gets hit by a
car and killed one rainy day
After that, you can't leave
the accident site
You go there to direct traffic
thinking about your love
Never missing a single day
Crying when it's raining...
What an ominous
comic book you read
Anyway, l will definitely find
the man of my destiny
and fall madly in love
with him
When l finally introduce him to
you, please be opposed to him
- even if you like him
- Why?
Because it would be cool
l will have an immortal love
that overcomes all obstacles
A love that can't be defeated
by parents, nations
or even death
How about you? Have you had
a passionate love?
- My dad?
- Yes
Do you still love him?
l don't know
l forgot everything
- Lies!
- lt's true
- You still think about me, don't you?
- Once in a while
- What kind of thoughts?
- Thoughts of how much l owe you
Do you think Mina is a debt?
Mina is a present
The biggest present you gave to me
Then what do you think
you owed me?
l owe you my happiness
And l owe Mina
There's no way
l can repay you
but l can reward Mina, so l'll do
as much as l can for her
So you must help me
Help our Mina only to
have happy times
until she goes to you
Hurry and open your window
or you'll regret it!
Tonight, l'll wait for you
Same time, same place
Hey, hey there!
Room No 306!
Hey! Hey you
What are you doing there?
Oh, well there...
There's a mouse
on the window ledge
A mouse at night...
What a strange boy...
You know
You knew my hand was like this
before you gave birth, right?
l read that people
get abortions
for much smaller problems
Why didn't you do that?
Mina, you're all
grown up now, right?
There is one secret that
l never told anyone
l didn't want to tell you in a
place like this, in this way
What is it? Tell me
The truth is, your father...
isn't your real father
You just resembled so much
your father's hand
Your father was an alien
- Get out!
- You really believed me, right?
- No way! l didn't
- You were definitely taken in
You totally believed me
for about 30 seconds
Knock it off!
Maybe for 3 seconds
Someone left this at the door
lsn't it yours, Mina?
Oh, my!
This turtle cannot live
without its mate
And l've taken the
other one hostage
lf you don't want
the turtles to die
surrender now
Aw... it's so sweet
Come on in
Why are you standing there?
You think l set a trap?
What kind of house is this?
This apartment was
just a studio originally
The owner let me rent it cheap
providing he could leave his stuff here
Say, why are you empty- handed?
Where's my turtle?
Wasn't it a present for me?
A present? That was just bait
Then l spit the bait out
so give me my lighter back
What a heartless neighbor
Okay, wait a second
Where did l put that lighter?
l can't find it right now
Use this one instead
Call, when you are lonely
Oh, hey, that's not mine
This must be my friend's
What a clumsy guy he is...
Here it is
Heran Erotic
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