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You're allowing personal experience|to influence your judgement.
{28647}{28707}You're afraid.
{28713}{28842}You want to destroy the ship|and run away. You coward.
{28848}{28946}If you were any other man,|I would kill you where you stand.
{28952}{29035}Get off my bridge.
{29339}{29412}- What now?|- Carry out his orders.
{29418}{29509}Dyson, Kaplan,|modify the weapons system.
{29515}{29637}- We should get off this ship.|- The captain has made up his mind.
{29742}{29833}- You son of a bitch!|- This isn't the time.
{29839}{29981}I know nothing about the future,|but everyone thinks this is suicide.
{29987}{30102}- They're just afraid to say it.|- The crew will follow my orders.
{30108}{30256}- Even if they don't make sense?|- They don't know the Borg as I do.
{30262}{30396}- No one does. No one can.|- What is that supposed to mean?
{30515}{30646}Six years ago, they assimilated me|into their collective.
{30676}{30774}I had the cybernetic devices|implanted throughout my body.
{30780}{30932}I was linked to the hive,|every trace of individuality erased.
{30938}{31002}I was one of them.
{31007}{31141}I have a unique perspective on Borg|and I know how to fight them.
{31147}{31242}If you will excuse me,|I have work to do.
{31248}{31421}I am such an idiot...|It's so simple.
{31427}{31525}The Borg hurt you, and now|you're going to hurt them back.
{31531}{31634}In my century we have|a higher sensibility than revenge.
{31640}{31738}Bullshit! I saw the look on your|face when we were on the Holodeck.
{31744}{31900}- You were enjoying it.|- How dare you!
{31906}{32046}You're not the first man to get|a thrill from murdering someone.
{32052}{32126}- Get out!|- Or what? You'll kill me?
{32132}{32242}- Like you killed Ensign Lynch?|- There was no way to save him.
{32248}{32366}- Where was your sensibility then?|- I don't have time for this.
{32372}{32448}I didn't mean to interrupt your quest.
{32454}{32557}Capt Ahab has to go hunt his whale.
{32586}{32681}- What?|- You do have books in the future?
{32719}{32804}This is about saving humanity.
{32810}{32923}- Blow up the damn ship!|- No!
{33251}{33329}I will not sacrifice the Enterprise.
{33335}{33439}We've made|too many compromises already.
{33446}{33555}They invade our space,|and we fall back.
{33561}{33654}They assimilate entire worlds,|and we fall back.
{33659}{33782}Not again. The line must be drawn here.|This far and no further.
{33820}{33950}And I will make them pay|for what they've done.
{34566}{34644}You broke your little ships.
{34878}{34948}See you around, Ahab.
{35003}{35087}"And he piled upon|the whale's white hump
{35093}{35210}a sum of all the rage and hate|felt by his whole race".
{35216}{35342}"If his chest had been a cannon, he|would have shot his heart upon it".
{35458}{35586}- "Moby Dick".|- Actually, I never read it.
{35716}{35859}Ahab spent years hunting|the white whale that crippled him.
{35865}{36041}A quest for vengeance.|But in the end it destroyed him
{36047}{36120}and his ship.
{36153}{36219}I guess he didn't know when to quit.
{36786}{36866}Prepare to evacuate the Enterprise.
{37419}{37490}- ATR setting?|- Active.
{37496}{37611}Main bus.|Initiate pre-ignition sequence.
{37617}{37733}Begin auto-destruct sequence.|Authorisation: Picard 47-AT.
{37739}{37882}Confirm auto-destruct sequence.|Crusher 22-BC.
{37888}{38057}Confirm auto-destruct sequence.|Authorisation: Worf 37-GE.
{38063}{38183}Command authorisation accepted.|Awaiting final code.
{38189}{38328}Destruct sequence A-1.|15 minutes silent countdown.
{38413}{38512}- Enable.|- Self-destruct in 15 minutes.
{38518}{38587}There will be no audio warning.
{38593}{38729}- So much for the Enterprise E.|- We barely knew her.
{38735}{38806}Do you think they'll build a new one?
{38812}{38910}There are plenty of letters left|in the alphabet.
{38916}{38977}Mr Worf...
{39086}{39191}- I regret some of the things I said.|- Some?
{39197}{39348}As a matter
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