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becoming more human all the|time. Now you're learning how to lie.
{9062}{9195}My programming was not designed|to process these sensations.
{9201}{9299}Then tear away your skin|as you would a defective circuit.
{9379}{9456}Go ahead, Data. We won't stop you.
{9588}{9667}Do it. Don't be tempted by flesh.
{9929}{10039}Are you familiar with|physical forms of pleasure?
{10045}{10210}If you are referring to... sexuality,
{10216}{10288}I am fully functional.
{10325}{10426}Programmed in multiple techniques.
{10432}{10515}How long has it been|since you've used them?
{10521}{10639}8 years, 7 months,|16 days, 4 minutes...
{10645}{10721}Far too long.
{11415}{11512}- We should bring reinforcements.|- There's no time.
{11518}{11688}They're building it on top of the particle|emitter. It will soon be activated.
{11694}{11818}- With phasers on full power...|- The dish is charged with anti-protons.
{11824}{11934}It'd destroy half the ship.|We have to find another way.
{12567}{12665}- Still looking for the bathroom?|- I'm not going back.
{12671}{12770}- We can't do this without you.|- I don't want to be a statue.
{12776}{12883}- Stay away from me.|- We don't have time for this.
{13289}{13362}You told him about the statue?
{13405}{13516}For this to work, all three maglocks|will have to be released.
{16644}{16726}The magnetic restrictors|are disengaged.
{16768}{16832}They've adapted.
{18200}{18313}Warning:|Decompression in 45 seconds.
{22653}{22726}We've had a change of plans, Data.
{22987}{23067}Assimilate this.
{23739}{23844}- An hour to go. How are you?|- I've got a hangover.
{23850}{23974}Either from the whisky|or your laser beam... or both.
{23980}{24044}But I'm ready to make history.
{24049}{24102}Troi to Riker.
{24108}{24212}We're ready to open the launch door.
{24501}{24634}- Look at that.|- Is there no moon in the future?
{24640}{24776}Sure, but there are|50 million people living on it.
{24782}{24935}You can even see Tycho City|and Lake Armstrong on a clear day.
{24941}{25053}Please...|don't tell me it's all thanks to me.
{25059}{25200}I've heard enough about|the great Zefram Cochrane.
{25206}{25318}You people have got some|pretty funny ideas about me.
{25324}{25421}You all look at me|as if I'm a saint or a visionary.
{25427}{25580}You're no saint, but you did|have a vision. We're sitting in it.
{25586}{25744}You want to know what my vision is?|Dollar signs! Money!
{25750}{25868}I didn't build this ship|to usher in a new era for humanity.
{25874}{25990}You think I want to go to the stars?|I don't even like to fly. I take trains.
{26028}{26144}I built this ship so that I could|retire to some tropical island,
{26150}{26234}filled with naked women.
{26240}{26348}That's Zefram Cochrane.|That's his vision.
{26354}{26478}This historical figure|you keep talking about...
{26484}{26610}I never met him.|I can't imagine I ever will.
{26616}{26732}Someone once said: "Don't try|to be a great man, just be a man".
{26738}{26879}- "Let history be the judge".|- Rhetorical nonsense.
{26885}{27006}- Who said that?|- You did, ten years from now.
{27012}{27070}You've got 58 minutes, Doc.|Get on the checklist.
{27134}{27277}They're on the move again.|They've taken decks 5 and 6.
{27283}{27461}- They've adapted to our weapons.|- We'll have to further modify them.
{27467}{27562}In the meantime,|tell your men to stand their ground.
{27568}{27686}- Fight hand-to-hand if they have to.|- Aye, sir.
{27750}{27833}Wait.|Captain, our weapons are useless.
{27839}{27964}We must activate the auto-destruct|and evacuate the ship.
{27970}{28064}If we destroy the ship,|we destroy the Borg.
{28070}{28177}- We're going to stay and fight.|- We have lost the Enterprise.
{28183}{28281}We have not lost the Enterprise|and we are not going to.
{28287}{28382}- Not while I'm in command.|- I must object...
{28388}{28476}- Your objection is noted.|- With all due respect...
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