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using to replace|the damaged plasma conduit.
{81098}{81254}Yes, but you need to reinforce|the tubing with a nano-polymer.
{81260}{81383}Dr Cochrane, I know this sounds|silly, but can I shake your hand?
{81446}{81537}It's such an honour to work with you.
{81543}{81647}I never imagined I'd meet|the man who invented warp drive.
{81653}{81733}I'm sorry... Thanks.
{81912}{82061}- Do they have to keep doing that?|- It's just a little hero worship.
{82067}{82178}I can't say I blame them.|We all grew up hearing about you.
{82184}{82296}Or, what you're about to do.|I shouldn't say this,
{82302}{82382}but I went|to Zefram Cochrane High School.
{82520}{82667}- I wish I had a picture of this.|- What?
{82673}{82791}In the future, this whole area|becomes an historical...{1}{1}23.976
{32}{151}You're standing on the exact spot|where your statue is going to be.
{217}{346}It's marble, about 20 metres tall.|You're looking up at the sky.
{352}{452}Your hand|is reaching toward the future.
{458}{538}I've got to take a leak.
{544}{654}Leak? I'm not detecting any leak.
{660}{745}Don't you people|from the 24th century ever pee?
{751}{833}Oh, leak! I get it.
{839}{982}- That's pretty funny.|- Excuse me.
{1240}{1339}Reports of my assimilation|are greatly exaggerated.
{1345}{1445}I found something you lost.
{1487}{1601}- I am a Klingon.|- Mr Worf, report.
{1607}{1759}The Borg control over half the ship.|There's no power to the bridge.
{1765}{1888}I've accessed|a Borg neural processor.
{1894}{2007}They're transforming the deflector|dish into an interplexing beacon
{2013}{2155}to establish a link with the Borg|living in the 21st century.
{2161}{2239}But the Borg|are still in the Delta Quadrant.
{2245}{2400}They'll send reinforcements.|Humanity will be an easy target.
{2406}{2479}We must destroy the deflector dish.
{2485}{2595}We can't get to deflector control|or a shuttle craft...
{2646}{2749}Mr Worf, do you remember|your zero-G combat training?
{2755}{2852}I remember it made me|sick to my stomach.
{2883}{2990}- What are you suggesting?|- It's time we took a little stroll.
{3122}{3213}There's a humanoid life-sign|up ahead.
{3219}{3292}511 metres.
{3573}{3631}It's him, all right.
{3902}{4045}I've re-modulated the weapons,|but the Borg will be quick to adapt.
{4051}{4131}We must make every shot count.
{4350}{4424}- Watch your caboose, Dix.|- I intend to.
{4951}{5062}- How are you doing, Worf?|- Not well, sir.
{5068}{5182}Try not to look at the stars.|Keep your eyes on the hull.
{5274}{5340}Let's go.
{5898}{5991}Tell me, are you using|a polymer-based neuro-rely
{5997}{6127}to transmit organic nerve impulses|to my positronic net?
{6133}{6288}If so, how have you solved|the problem of signal degradation?
{6294}{6375}Do you always talk this much?
{6381}{6455}Not always, but often.
{6461}{6559}Why do you insist|on using this primitive language?
{6565}{6661}Your android brain|is capable of much more.
{6667}{6740}I am trying to become more human.
{6747}{6899}We used to be just like them.|Flawed, weak, organic.
{6905}{7055}We evolved to include the synthetic.|We use both to attain perfection.
{7061}{7160}Your goal|should be the same as ours.
{7188}{7326}Believing oneself to be perfect is|often the sign of a delusional mind.
{7332}{7439}A small being, trying to attack|what he doesn't understand.
{7445}{7521}You have no real interest in me.
{7527}{7624}Your goal is to obtain|the codes for the computer.
{7630}{7732}That is one of our goals,|one of many.
{7769}{7852}And to reach it,|I'm willing to help you reach yours.
{8464}{8536}Is it becoming clear to you yet?
{8542}{8686}Look at you, standing there cradling|the new flesh I've given you.
{8692}{8787}If it means nothing to you,|why protect it?
{8793}{8900}I am simply imitating|the behaviour of humans.
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