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Звёздный путь: Первый контакт

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{68056}{68129}Are you their leader?
{68155}{68250}I bring order to chaos.
{68256}{68332}A cryptic response.
{68338}{68408}You are in chaos, Data.
{68414}{68504}You are a machine|who wishes to be human.
{68510}{68669}I am programmed|to evolve and to better myself.
{68675}{68753}We, too, are on a quest|to better ourselves.
{68759}{68828}Evolving toward a state of perfection.
{68834}{68945}Forgive me, but the Borg|do not evolve, they conquer.
{68951}{69132}By assimilating other beings we are|bringing them closer to perfection.
{69138}{69241}Somehow I question your motives.
{69247}{69410}That is because you haven't|been properly... stimulated yet.
{69539}{69685}You have reactivated|my emotion chip. Why?
{69691}{69824}- Don't be frightened.|- I am not frightened.
{69976}{70143}- Do you know what this is?|- It would appear to be organic skin.
{70149}{70289}What a cold description|for such a beautiful gift.
{70641}{70726}Was that good for you?
{70902}{70963}- How big is this Federation?|- Over 150 planets.
{70969}{71068}- They span 8,000 light years.|- You mustn't get home much.
{71074}{71209}I tend to think of this ship as home.|I get back to Earth whenever I can.
{71257}{71379}- They haven't broken the code yet.|- Who? The zombies?
{71385}{71481}- The Borg.|- It sounds Swedish.
{71610}{71786}- How big is this ship?|- 24 decks. 700 metres long.
{71792}{71966}It took me six months to find enough|titanium just to build a cockpit.
{72055}{72134}How much did this thing cost?
{72140}{72236}The economics of the future|are somewhat different.
{72242}{72348}Money doesn't exist|in the 24th century.
{72354}{72438}No money?|You mean you don't get paid?
{72444}{72572}The acquisition of wealth is no|longer the driving force in our lives.
{72577}{72654}We work to better ourselves...
{72660}{72735}and the rest of humanity.
{72790}{72903}Actually, we're rather like|yourself and Dr Cochrane.
{72939}{73013}All right!
{73019}{73126}- Come on.|- Is there another way around?
{73161}{73243}I know what I'm doing.
{73431}{73510}Definitely not Swedish.
{74260}{74333}What the hell are you doing?
{74609}{74676}Perhaps something in satin.
{74879}{75016}I'm sorry, but we're closing,|and we have a strict dress code.
{75022}{75108}If you boys don't leave...
{75165}{75280}- I'm looking for Nicky the Nose.|- He hasn't been here in months.
{75374}{75442}This is the wrong chapter.
{75471}{75564}Computer, begin chapter 13.
{75660}{75750}Try and look|as if you're having a good time.
{76055}{76137}No, look at me.|Try to act naturally.
{76263}{76333}There he is.
{76549}{76688}- Ruby, this is not a good time.|- It's never the time for us, Dix.
{76694}{76800}- Is that a case you're working on?|- I'll see you later.
{76806}{76916}Okay, but watch your caboose|and dump the broad.
{77095}{77180}Look what the cat dragged in.|What's shakin', Dix?
{77186}{77265}The usual, martinis and skirts.|Excuse me.
{77347}{77444}- I'm going to take that personal.|- No offence.
{78134}{78209}I think you got him.
{78297}{78403}I don't get it. I thought|you said this was a hologram.
{78409}{78556}I disengaged the safety protocols,|so even a holographic bullet can kill.
{78562}{78682}- What are you doing?|- Looking for the neural processor.
{78688}{78767}It's like a memory chip.
{78773}{78899}It will contain a record of all the|instructions this Borg has received.
{78905}{79079}- It's one of your uniforms.|- Yes, this was Ensign Lynch.
{79127}{79184}Tough luck, huh?
{79244}{79319}I've got to get to the bridge.
{79982}{80053}- Doctor...|- Yeah?
{80059}{80189}- Would you take a look at this?|- Yeah.
{80195}{80370}I've constructed the intermix chamber|from what I remember in school.
{80376}{80465}- You learned about this in school?|- Yeah.
{80471}{80633}"Basic Warp Design" is required|reading. You're the first chapter.
{80694}{80772}Well, it looks like you got it right.
{80778}{80925}This is what we're
Звёздный путь: Первый контакт Звёздный путь: Первый контакт

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